The morning started off well, at about 0414 hrs on Independence Day of 2012. We 
  assembled our team, lined up our gear, and prepared for the final inspection.                     

SAWZA removed his bricks, marked with the names of several fallen 

It was certainly a humbling moment, assembled at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial... About to set off on a trek that would honor our brothers and sisters who had fallen in battle. And so, it all began!


BEAR-CRAWLS on the landings!

CRABWALKS down the stairs


RUNNING through DC at twilight

BEAR-CRAWLS for the White House


And AMERICA loves MORE pushups... Ok, the rucks are getting heavy!

More Bear-Crawls to get to the Vietnam Memorial Wall

So many names, so many bore the weight of our Nation, there was only one thing to do... Bear the weight of each other in symbolism.
So we did, and ran the length of the wall with our battle buddies on our backs.

Then it was time to feel like a paratrooper, and front-load our rucks. Can't be Airborne if you can't wear a chute on your back!

We received some logs as a gift, along the way. SAPPER pulled security while some others secured our new cargo!

SAPPER says: "I want more... This is TOO easy!" --- So the SF cadre oblige!

And they did so by letting us cool off a bit...

And by doing squats in a fountain filled with FREEDOM WATER! (aka, pigeon droppings and other treats)

Maybe it wasn't safe to drink the FREEDOM WATER... SLAYER needed to evacuate some oppression from his body, but we kept trucking!!!

After low-crawling for about 300 meters (a footbal field in length), we thought that we should go see some more sites!

So we got back in ranks and LUNGED away... 


No bridge was too far!

We picked up some "Heavy Weapons and Equipment" that needed to be transported to the front lines. Guess where the troops were... 
ACROSS the Potomac river!

Nothing but smiles from JELLY and CZ, even with extra packs and sandbacks "in case we needed to fortify..."

Due to the muddy-quick-sand river floor - SAPPER was helped across by JELLY and another teammate.
You'll notice the extra prosthetic leg. It was filled with concrete and carried the whole way - NEVER touching the ground - in honor of our wounded Servicemembers from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Team-building, comeraderie, and respect was embraced by all.
A total of over 17 miles and 12 hours of hard work only forges stronger bonds, much like our military brothers and sisters!

In honor of our SEALs, we moved through the water into deep brush, where we low crawled to safety.

At every turn, we acquired new "memorial keepsakes" which could never touch the ground. JELLY is about to carry this one up 200 stairs; not walking, but JUMPING from step to step with both feet at the same time.

But it was worth every second, because our men and women were looking out for us from above.
Thank you to the families and Service-members who have endured the ULTIMATE sacrifice.

Thank you to the great citizens of our Country who continue to support the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine; who continue to engage in battle.

And thank you to America, for providing a safe homeland where we can do as we please, and have experiences like this.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you for your support!