2006 - 2007 (Alaska)

Wintertime in Juneau, Alaska

I moved from wine country to San Francisco in search of population density. At first I was really excited about the glamour of being staffed by my Montreal company on a 1 to 2 month consulting project in Alaska. Eight months later, after the snowiest season in Juneau's recorded history, I felt more like a survivor. But it is gorgeous country, even if I did almost die during some reckless solo snowshoeing adventures.

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Iditarod Dog Sled Race, Anchorage Alaska

1,100 miles from Anchorage to Nome. Fur auctions, men wearing bear carcasses, and so many adreneline-rushed dogs. I wore 8 layers to pay my respects at the starting line.


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Springtime in Juneau

Springtime, at last! We totally took advantage of the thaw, expanding athletic repetoire to kayaking, hiking on dirt trails, and whale watching. (Hey, it takes energy to drink beer and eat chips!)

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Chilkoot Gold Trail, Skagway Alaska to Canada

My dear friend and colleague, who survived the Alaska project experience, accompanied me on this 32-mile trek from Alaska into Canada, on a trail made famous by the thousands of gold rushers. Though we didn't find my great-great-grandfather (last said to have been seen on the trail), we did see plenty of remants of others' passage, including discarded shoes, tin cans, and iron cables limp alongside the ridiculously steep mountains.

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