Rural Collaboration in Learning Activities

Learning as foundation for local development
Internet and web2 as resources for learning

This is intended to be a collaborative workspace for the RUCOLA project group. This site contains links to ideas and concepts that are meant to inspire future parts of the project, but it also has links to implementations as they happen and acts as a forum for the group.



  • Meeting in Vara This week the third project meeting within the Rucola project will be held in Vara, Sweden.
    Posted 10 Oct 2011, 05:33 by Helena Torsell
  • Logo in various formats Here is the RUCOLA logo in png for the web, tif for print and in the original Adobe Illustrator (ai) format. If you have any questions, feel free to send ...
    Posted 6 Jul 2011, 13:03 by Johan Winqvist
  • Meeting in Seinäjoki Meeting nr 2 within the Rucola project will be held in Seinäjoki March 7-10.
    Posted 24 Feb 2011, 05:30 by Helena Torsell
  • Local sites are up and running they need contents.Meanwhile, the process "Vara ung enreprenör" is taking shape and seem to have found good use of LinkedIn to gather people on a platform designed for ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2010, 08:08 by Johan Winqvist
  • New logo is ready ...and as per the meeting in Akureyri, the local site template is on it's way.--Johan
    Posted 2 Nov 2010, 03:33 by Johan Winqvist
  • Google Wave - something for us! A presentation of the new feature Google Wave is available under Web Tips. It is suggested that we use Google Wave for internal project group discussions. To be enrolled on ...
    Posted 30 Jan 2010, 11:45 by Gunlög Thorstensson
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On the web

  • An introduction to Social Media and Web2
    Posted 11 Feb 2011, 01:22 by Johan Winqvist
  • Google Sites tutorials Here are some introductions to Gogle Sites:
    Posted 3 Dec 2010, 01:30 by Johan Winqvist
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Akureyri, October 2010

  • Introduction to Web 2.0 This is the slideshow I used for the presentation in Akureyri.
    Posted 25 Nov 2010, 08:10 by Johan Winqvist
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Vara, January 2010

  • Starting points... Short presentation on how Rucola came to be.
    Posted 30 Jan 2010, 14:18 by Gunlög Thorstensson
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