Get Ruby Tuesday Coupons

Who would not be enticed by Ruby Tuesday Coupons? With the restaurant’s American cuisine theme, you will definitely find your ultimate comfort food when you dine at Ruby Tuesday. While they are widely popular for their hamburgers and salad bar, Ruby Tuesday also offers a variety of all-natural chicken, pork ribs, pasta, steak and seafood. They also serve a wide range of cocktails, wine and beer.

History of Ruby Tuesday

Before you search for coupons, it is always fun to know how and when this restaurant all started. In 1972, the first Ruby Tuesday restaurant was opened by Sandy Beall. He received $10,000 from a friend who operates several Pizza hut branches and another $10,000 from his fraternity brothers from the University of Tennessee. He then used this money to start his very own restaurant which we all know now as Ruby Tuesday. 

In 1982, Beall sold a 16-unit expanded Ruby Tuesday chain for $15 million in cash and stock to Morrison, Inc. He used this money for financial support as the restaurant was rapidly growing and by 1985, there were numerous Ruby Tuesday restaurants in 35 different locations. 

Ruby Tuesday’s advertising strategies

Due to the numerous sales losses in 2002, the company had to introduce Ruby Tuesday printable coupons on selected branches as well as advertising through television, billboard and radio the following year. They've also added a new campaign for their take-away service called, “TueGo!”

By 2007, the company made several changes to modify their image from the bar and grill casual dining industry. They have completely changed their color scheme, logo as well as the packaging for their take-away service. They have also updated their menu, installed HD televisions, free Wi-Fi access and a whole lot more. 

While the company was going through these major changes, a global financial crisis slowly crept in and took everyone by surprise. To adapt with this, Ruby Tuesday introduced the made from scratch garlic biscuits, the Sunday brunch program and as well as a steak and lobster night deal.

By January 2012, Ruby Tuesday announced that they have partnered with ezCater to improve their catering opportunities. They have also constructed a separate menu for catering order and for people who would want to purchase in bulk for take-away. Ruby Tuesday is also one of the first companies to post the nutritional values on their menus. They have even released a cookbook called, Simply Fresh: Casual Dining at Home in October 2011.
Ruby Tuesday coupons were continually offered by the company on various branches as well as on their official website. 

They have been utilizing this promotional tool for many years, in fact, it has helped them gain more customers and improve brand awareness. There are various types of coupons, some coupons are used for a specific meal while others may entitle you for a discount on your total bill. You may also find these coupons through other websites, there are numerous coupon web pages available online, just do a quick search and you will see all choices available.