Ruby on Rails

Popular web framework using Ruby.

Ruby on Rails


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Ruby on Rails is probably the biggest reason that Ruby is so popular. Rails has evolved into a powerful, well-loved web application framework, allowing for rapid development of Web 2.0 websites. Although it might not be entirely mainstream, yet, it is a powerful framework that can develop extremely well made websites in less time that might be expected with the alternatives such as Perl or PHP.

It would be fun to just jump into some examples, as that is often the easiest way to learn something new. Unfortunately, with Ruby on Rails there is too much to absorb to do that effectively. There are several terms and concepts to remember beforehand.

Ruby on Rail Concepts

Convention Over Configuration - Means that you do things the standard way, and don't deviate. If you have to do something different, odds are you are approaching it from the wrong angle.

Agile Development - Your application should be able to easily grow and change in response to your changing needs.

Don't Repeat Yourself - Your code should be located in one place, and you should not have the same function defined over and over. This keeps bugs out of your program, and makes maintenance much easier.

In short, RoR is designed to make web development simpler and more efficient.