Free Ruby Scripts - Ruby Script Library 

Free scripts and examples for the Ruby programming language. 

Our Ruby scripts are all compatable with Deluxe hosting. Also see our GoDaddy Ruby Tutorial.

Free Ruby Scripts

I've always believed that the more people get help with their programming, the faster projects get done, and the more money everyone saves. This is always good for everyone. Please enjoy these Ruby Scripts that I have made myself. If you have any to add, Contact Us.

Hello World Script

Ruby RMagick Thumbnails

String Replacement Script

Html Remover

Read From File

CGI Output


Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails on GoDaddy

Ruby is the latest, greatest, very high level programming language. Ruby combines a simple, elegant syntax with a number of powerful conventions to make it one of the most programmer friendly programming languages ever created. Ruby's syntax is so simple and beautiful that it can perform even the most complex task with just a small amount of programmer intuition.