What is RubyInMotion

RubyInMotion is now the Robot Construction Kit (rock)

The complete documentation and package directory can be found at http://www.rock-robotics.org

This website is kept here for reference

The project

This project comes from me falling "in love" with Ruby as a programming language, and applying it to the field of robotics... And then realizing that other people are doing the same, most noticeably Brent Roman of the MBARI patches fame. So I decided to create a central place where people could talk about the Ruby-related tools that they are developing or using, and how Ruby can help them "do the job" on an autonomous system.

Obviously, not all tools are written in Ruby. We are leveraging other open-source frameworks (like the Orocos/RTT) to handle the parts that Ruby cannot handle because it is either too slow for the task, or because the side effects of garbage collection are not acceptable.

One noticeable thing RubyInMotion maintains is the autoproj tool. In my experience, robotics software is a target in movement. Meaning that "only using released code", while a good end target, is hard to do right now. I therefore developed autoproj (building on top of autobuild, already existing code I developped to "scratch my itches"). Autoproj provides an easy-to-use toolchain that installs and updates software. The tool is located on GitHub (user's guide). This site also describes how to install Rubotics "the project" package sets using Rubotics "the tool".

Get involved !

Finally, if you are a using Ruby on robotics system -- or on a related field -- please drop me a line. If, moreover, you would like to contribute a few paragraphs on your experience, add a rubotics package set to the list or simply help me make that site better, I will gladly give you write access :)