Here are some tips and training videos that I have found helpful.  I have appreciated them as both a pet care professional and pet owner! 

**I am not a professional trainer.  Training a dog, especially an individual that deals with fear, takes infinite time and patience!  The people in these videos are professional trainers and behaviorists.  If you have a dog that exhibits behavior that can compromise his physical or psychological well being or the safety of others, we recommend consulting with a professional trainer or animal behaviorist.  We at Rubs and Walkies have worked with and recommend positive reinforcement training only!**

In this video, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. illustrates a technique I have used when another dog (that is off leash) has approached me and my dogs .  It is one of the methods I will use to keep your dog(s) safe when on a walk!

Does your dog pull on a walks?  Here is something that 
will help.  I use the easy walk harness and absolutely love it.  In my experience it has proven more effective than choke or pinch collars.

YouTube Video

If you are interested in the gentle leader here is an effective, yet gentle way to introduce it to your dog.  Jean Donaldson uses desensitization and targeting to get her dog conditioned to actually enjoy wearing it! 

Help with getting your dog to walk on a loose leash from Victoria Stillwell!

Positive Reinforcement with Victoria Stillwell :)

In this video, the trainer changes a Pitt Bull's negative emotional response to a vacuum cleaner (counter conditioning).  Daisy is initially VERY afraid, until she realized that a vacuum cleaner means good things happen for her and there is nothing to fear.  This is a great example of positive reward training!

This video is similar to the Pitt Bull and the vacuum, but deals with a dog that is reactive towards other dogs while on a leash.  Our male Italian Greyhound experiences barrier frustration and exhibits aggressive behavior due to his fear. Although, we do not use the gentle leader, this is another great example of effective positive reinforcement training!