Deb is simply the best. I never fully trusted anyone with my dogs until she came along. She cared for our them on many occasions - everything from short stop in visits when we were late getting home from work, to an extended 3 week trip while we were overseas. She shows the highest degree of professionalism, yet is still friendly, funny and personable. She is reliable, trustworthy, thorough, prompt and will love your pets as her own. In fact, I think our dogs would have followed her home if they had opposable thumbs and could open the door to get out. One of my dogs needs quite a bit of medication every day, is a very picky eater, and can be a bit of a challenge behaviorally, and Deb found a way to relate to her as if they had known each other forever. Her daily summary reports are wonderfully detailed and her photos are fantastic. We even have a couple framed and hanging in our home. Consider yourself lucky if you live near Deb.
-Michelle, Ondrej, Lenny and Tayda-

You are the only one that I feel confident in leaving my dogs and house with.

I meant to write a proper note all day but was a bit swamped at the office.  Please don’t let my delay imply a lack of gratitude!  My cats all seem so well adjusted and so clearly looked after.  They also seem softer.  Is that possible?  Could all your TLC make them silky furred?  They are! Brent and I so appreciated your daily updates and the photos.  Goodness gracious!  Those are the finest cat pics I've ever seen!  We missed them so much and it was wonderful to hear from you with news. Please use us as references!  We'll sing your praises.                                                                                           
-Jenna and Brent-

We have been trying to figure out how we are going to find someone as good as you to take care of Boone in NJ.  If for any reason you see yourself moving to (central) NJ, we want Mr. Boone to be your first client. If there is something we can do to advance your reputation as a dog walker, please let us know.
-Andy and Joyce-                          

You've helped us in two big ways. First, by helping Berk socialize. I can't imagine another person who would have been so patient with her. And second, you helped me out while I was in grad school. I couldn't have handled it this past year without you.  So, thanks.

Deb Ostrin is a wonderful, caring dog walker. My dog Frankie fell in love with her immediately and a special bond was formed. Deb walked Frankie in all sorts of weather and in a questionable neighborhood with no complaints. She was patient and kind when he was stubborn - which i believe was often in cold or rainy weather. Deb also let me know about Frankie's day via a notebook, where we kept up a daily correspondence. Pictures were sent to me after each walk and this really made my day. I highly recommend Deb Ostrin as a loving, caring and responsible dog walker. I know she made a difference in Frankie's life

I am soooo bummed out that you're moving!  Wish you had 'I dream of Jeanie" skills !

Oh Deb, thank you sooo much for EVERYTHING!  I absolutely love those pictures! You are a gift in all that you do.

Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures of Casey. I neglected to tell you while we were away how much I enjoyed your emails and your sense of humor (as captured, in particular, in the photo of Casey with the UNC T-shirt.  It’s blasphemy, but really quite funny for die-hard Duke fans!!!). They are truly awesome and captured his spirit. We are touched by your kindness. Thanks so much for thinking of us!
-Paul and Lori-

I don't think we'll ever be able to find someone who takes care of and loves Roxy the same way you do (or will send us pictures and leave us notes which we have grown to love:)) Roxy is certainly a much happier and calmer dog since we began having you come take her for her afternoon walks. You have become like a part of our family and everything you do for Roxy means more to us than you could ever understand. Writing this has made me realize how attached I am, I can't imagine how Roxy will react to the news of your move to NC! Thank you again Deb for everything, and if there is anything we can do, please let me know.
-Sarah and Chad-