I live in the neighborhood of Stonehaven in Charlotte, NC (28211) and would like to service as many clients as possible.  The closer you are to me the better!  Please contact me to find out if I am to able travel to your area.  I am offering dog walking, daily visits, and pet sitting in your home.  During our initial meeting and free consultation we will discuss your specific needs.  A list of my excellent references will be provided at that time!


Visits can be customized to meet the needs of your pets.
Short visit:            15 min. -  $15

Moderate visit:    30 min. - $20

Extended visit:    50 min. - $30
(I am only able to offer this visit after 3pm on weekdays and on weekends)

*ALL rates (including overnight and babysitting) cover 2 dogs. Add $2 for each additional dog.
   $65 a night

Overnight pet sitting includes a 9:00 pm - 6:00 am stay in your home. Keeping your pet(s) everyday routine in place will ensure their physical and mental well being while you are gone. This is incredibly important to me! I will give your sweet, deserving furred ones whatever they need to feel as happy as they possibly can.  

$15 an hour

Do you ever feel sad about working a long day only to come home and have to leave again?  If you want to go out, but you don't want your sweet beast to be alone, I will be happy to come and share my company.  I offer this service after 4pm on weekdays and on weekends.  I require a minimum of two hours.