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2014 Graduates: Transcripts will be available June 3rd, 2014 (RECHS students taking RCC courses, June 20th).  If you need a transcript mailed to a college, please bring college name and address.  See T. Zalanka in the office.  Transcripts are free for current year graduates.

If you were born in 1979 or after:
To obtain a transcript from RHS, go to the Registrar's office located in the main office (off Opal Street) and see Tina Zalanka.  Bring photo ID and $3 (cash only) per transcript needed.  If she is available, she can prepare while you wait.  If not available, you will need to fill out a transcript request form, and your transcript will be available within 2 working days.
To obtain a transcript through the mail, you must mail a NOTARIZED copy of your photo ID and money order, payable to RHS for $3.00 per transcript, and instructions as to where the transcript should be mailed.  Mailed requests should also include a contact phone number.

If you were born before 1979, contact the Jurupa USD District Office (951)360-4102 to request a transcript.

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Grown Folks Reunion - July 19th, 2014


*Reminder - 45 years or older! :)

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 November 13th, 2009

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