Rubens' Tube with Wiimote Integration 


What is this?

An experiment in controlling fire with sound through a Rubens' Tube and Wiimote interface. Varying frequencies of sound fed through a Rubens' Tube vary the area's of pressure inside. Thus, controlling the sound with a wiimote allows limited control over the fire. See the video:

How can I reproduce this?

To set this up yourself you need:

  • A Rubens' Tube:
    • WIkipedia Page with links detailing how it works and the construction of one
  • Computer
    • Mixx- Open Source DJ
      • You need to replace the Standard.kbd.cfg file in mix so the keyboard shortcuts map correctly. Use the linked one.
    • GlovePie - a wiimote interface program written by Carl Kenner
    • SigJenny (Optional)- a free sine wave generating program
  • Wiimote
  • Bluetooth Adapter

The general controls are:

  • Volume: Hold down A- vertical tilt is up/down and swinging up/down moves it fast to some degree of accuracy.
  • Speaker Balance: Hold down B- swing left/right
  • Track Speed: D-Pad left and right
  • Play Track One/Two- D-Pad Up and Down
  • Momentary Bass Boost- (for flame jump) The "1" Button

Send any questions or comments to rubenstube (at)

Thanks to creators of Mixxx, SigJenny, and GlovePie.

Also thanks to Chris Q. Mike M. and Rob R.

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