Welcome to Zeta-Designs

Welcome to Zeta-Designs! This has been my website for Zoo Tycoon 2 downloads since 2009. I started designing for this game in 2007 and have been doing it (on and off) ever since. Objects are by far my favorite things to create.
My signature projects are my buildings packs, containing many fences and decorative items to create indoor enclosures, all sorts of buildings and much more. It's great to see that after 10 years, people still enjoy playing Zoo Tycoon 2 and create new things for it. 

Zeta-Designs's 10th anniversary
This calls for celebration ;) 
On June 5, 2009, a new website for Zoo Tycoon 2 downloads was announced: Zeta-Designs. I can't believe this is already 10 years ago and I'm still enjoying making new items for this game! I'm glad there's still people out there who have an interest in Zoo Tycoon. 

Although I don't have anything new for you today, I am working on some really nice projects as you can see on the Current projects page. 

 April 21, 2019
Happy Easter!
I'm actually quite surprised that I didn't lose interest in Zoo Tycoon 2 already. I still have many ideas of items I'd like to create and I also really want to improve and finish some current projects. Last week I was finally able to complete the Restaurant food counters, a much-anticipated project. A huge thanks to Hendrix for letting me use his coding. Along with the Restaurant food counters, I also released the Fancy Shoji fences and Wallpaper pack III (Tiles). 

 April 5, 2019
Finally, a new release
I've been very busy with all kinds of stuff and haven't had any interest in Zoo Tycoon for the last couple of months. I visited the two Berlin zoos last week and that led me to start Zoo Tycoon 2 again, but I don't expect to play or design a lot. Anyway, I released the anticipated Wooden scenery fences. Enjoy!

 December 25, 2018
A little surprise - some new releases
I guess I did have some stuff I could release! 

Object and material filter
Download this first! You will need it for the menu filters to work.

Gift shop pack V2018
The pack is updated with some new items and filters are added to make finding the items easier.

Path pack V2018
All of the 68 paths have now a curved and a non-curved version!

Non-curved paths V2018
Filters added.

 December 24, 2018
Merry Christmas!
It's been a while since I updated, because my computer was acting up when I got back from the States. I wasn't able to design and did not feel like just playing Zoo Tycoon 2. Fortunately, Windows fixed the bug that prevented me from designing and now I'm back working on my projects again.

I had hoped to be able to release something as a Christmas gift, but I'm sorry to disappoint. I do plan to release the Gift shop pack V2 and the Wooden scenery fences soon though! Keep tuned!