Welcome to Zeta-Designs

Welcome to Zeta-Designs! This has been my website for Zoo Tycoon 2 downloads since 2009. I started designing for this game in 2007 and have been doing it (on and off) ever since. Objects are by far my favorite things to create.
My signature projects are my buildings packs, containing many fences and decorative items to create indoor enclosures, all sorts of buildings and much more. It's great to see that after 10 years, people still enjoy playing Zoo Tycoon 2 and create new things for it.

 February 10, 2017
More new content!

  I have quite a few updates! I started (and finished) some smaller projects, such as a new color of aviary and an invisible elevated path. I'm also working on several Jurassic World projects, because watching the movie again very much inspired me to make much-needed items.

A list of updates:
  • Dark wooden aviary [New release]
  • Green aviary [Updated - Re-download please!]
  • Wooden aviary [Updated - Re-download please!]
  • Invisible elevated path [New release]
  • Modern trash can [New release]
  • Dolphin Stadium [New zoo]

 January 27, 2017 
The wait is over!

For the last few days, I worked very hard on finishing the Taronga building set and I can finally proudly announce the release of this much anticipated download.

It features some known and some new and exciting items to be used in zoo building. There's regular fences, window frames, wall footings, several types of roofs and much more!

Go see for yourself and get it now!