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We can't simply decide to know everything about everything, ot decide to ignore the things that make us suspicious. We are human. We will respond in human ways. And we wil believe long before scientists can prove. Thus we must build institutions that take into account what we believe, especially when those beliefs limit our ability to trust.

[...] We need to believe that the government is tracking the sort of interests it was intended to track. Or at least,

as Marc Hetherington puts it, that the "government is producing outcomes consistent with [our] expectations"

Lawrence Lessig (Professor of Law at Harvard. Excerpt from "Republic Lost: how money corrupts Congress and a plan to stop it")


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Begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the design of ambition.
Thomas Jefferson (Politician, scientist and architect USA, Virginia 1782. Excerpt from his notes)


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An absence of being dependent on another, an essential character of being. The citizen wants to be independent, so he can decide, on good public policy: without fear of the consequences from his dependence.
Lawrence Lessig (Professor of Law at Harvard. Conference about "Corruption". Stanford 2008, San Francisco; USA)

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