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Finland fixes the basic income to 800€ (18th December 2015)

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To counteract the overwhelming rate of joung people unemployed (22.7%), the prime minister decided to introduce a basic income of 800€ that will cut out all the other expenses for welfare and so on. Is this the first step towards a Modern Monetary System?

Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipila said: “For me, a basic income means simplifying the social security system.”

This could be the first step to counteract the worst plague of the 21st century: unemployment. However we are not so far from the modern monetary system, moreover EuroZone countries lack money sovereignty. (book)

Nowadays most economic systems are throwing away a lot of money in welfare programs which do not solve the problem. The kernel that regulates the unemployment is the minimum wage: the State should employ any person willing and able to work, pay a salary that is adequate to the way of living of the country, fixing in this way the minimum wage. If there are companies that can offer more the worker would leave the State-job.

In this way the State is not a charity lender to people with welfare programs and so on, instead it involves people in activities that improves their self-esteem.


Main article Express Web Newspaper (7th December 2015)

About Greece overwhelming debt: near to collapse or saved by EU? (6th May 2010)

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There are many members of the EU that want to save Greece with an injection of billion of Euros that I strongly doubt they will receive them back. EU aim to bailout Greece!? Is it the real solution? A deeper analysis bring me to another solution: Greece should default and bring back to dracma devaluating the currency. Some economists agree with this thesis. However this must be done only if Greeks are aware to start their economy from scratch: producing their own first necessity products, improving the bank system and upgrading the main sector from which they can obtain foreign currency: the Tourism. However if the government is not able to develop plans, no solutions of any type can be made and Greece can only drift.
Article from Australia (2nd May 2010)

Japan firms: standardize software on mobile phones (25th April 2010)

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<<Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu and NEC will apply the same software system to drive animation and music! They expect to reduce development costs of about 50%.>> (Reuters)
Japan mobile phones are a closed market. A phone bought in Japan cannot be used outside that country because it is locked on a specific provider; even if some roaming plans permit it, the functions of the phone are strongly reduced. This means that it is a very aggressive and competitive market. This agreement is a good example of cooperation which is useful both to the producers and the users.
It may be that this unification will interest the applications engines and the drivers and not the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the device. In this way the users can choose their mobile according to its look-and-feel. On the other hand the firms may focus the challenge on new electronic solutions.
Moreover if the software is really the same with a unified SDK (Software Development Kit) any application written by users may be installed on any phone, it is well know how this market introduced by Apple I-Phone is so important: people are happy to personalise their phone with anything they like and with a well furnished shop of applications the solutions are endless.
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When a nation defaults

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Privatize the profits and socialize the risks!
by Andrew Gavin Marshall (Research Associate at CGR, Montreal, Canada)

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