Digital Fountain Codes

Model of communication based upon Digital Fountain Codes

Place: AST labs of STMicroelectronics.

Subject: Create a new communication system based upon digital fountains and find applications in P2P networks as well as other fields.

  • Created an efficient model of communication system with FEC based upon digital fountains to be integrated in an evolved P2P environment.
  • Developed algorithms in Matlab/C to encode/decode the data flux to be used in different systems: Internet (video streaming and downloading), mobile communications, data storage recovery (hard disks, flash memories).
  • A draft plan about P2P integration.
Implementations until now:
  • A prototype of storage system like a Network Access Storage which uses digital fountains instead of RAID.
  • An alternative P2P application called BitFountain.
  • Some types of flash memories to avoid data corruption.

To know more about this argument you can visit Eng. Andrea Vitali's site.

Presentation of project (Italian): short presentation at commission.

My dissertation: Digital Fountain Codes for P2P Networks.


Creative Commons LicenseDigital Fountain Codes for Peer-to-Peer Networks (book and slides) by Ruben Lino Villa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.