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Welcome to the RUBBLE-HOUSE Research Project, a joint research effort by SPSU and Conscience International, Inc.

RUBBLE-HOUSEs are environmentally friendly structures for families left homeless by the earthquake in Haiti. RUBBLE-HOUSEs recycle the rubble from destroyed buildings to build the walls, and are assumed to be earthquake resistant. The construction methods and tools used in making RUBBLE-HOUSEs are designed with local conditions in mind to minimize the cost while maintaining the safety of occupants.  For a better understanding of the project, view the recent media coverage below.

Conscience International has built more than 30 RUBBLE-HOUSEs in Haiti and plans to increase the number to 1000. SPSU faculty & students, with their engineering expertise, volunteered to evaluate the performance of RUBBLE-HOUSEs built with current construction techniques and make recommendations to improve the seismic resistance without much increase in cost of construction.

For more information about Conscience International's efforts in Haiti, visit:


- Evaluate current construction techniques and propose cost-effective improvements
- Perform static load testing on a full-scale RUBBLE-HOUSE
- Create computer models for static and dynamic analyses
- Make recommendations for future seismic shake table experiments
- Draft construction and design guidelines based on experimental and numerical findings

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We expect to have strong faculty and student participation throughout the project.  If you have any ideas, questions/concerns, or want to volunteer, please contact us!

General Information, rubble-house@spsu.edu
Dr. Fatih Oncul (CET), foncul@spsu.edu
Dr. Wasim Barham (CE), wbarham@spsu.edu
Dr. Metin Oguzmert (CE), moguzmer@spsu.edu