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Please note. While the panniers can be pretty much standard for almost all the bikes, building the rack appears to be a more "personal" job meaning that every bike has its own frame therefore what described below may not apply to your model of motorbike. Mine is a XTZ660 (3YF), unless you have the same bike as me what follows the construction of the basic frame has to be taken as a general guidance.


This is how:

To build the rack for the alu boxes (aluboxes) I have used steel bars, section 10x20mm, I bought 6mt of it because this was the minimum quantity I could purchase, at the end I have used about 5mt. To keep the rack together I have used M8 bolts, some sections of a threaded bar an old welding machine I had at home since the times of The Crusades. I have preferred to use bolts as much as possible rather than welding because this way the joints will be:

- more flexible (less prone to crack)

- easier to repair on the side of the road

- easier to be modified if I will ever need to

also the rack can be pulled apart and packed (for storage or shipping for example)



The Basic Frame: 

It is composed of 

2 x 42.5cm bars

and 2 x 27.5cm bars



I have used this old machine: 




 This is the basic frame once finished that will fit the alu box and its attachments (as seen in the previous page), basically it is just a rectangle, four steel bars weld at the four corners, around this frame I will build the rest of the rack to fit the model of motorbike I have (XTZ660 3YF).


Tip: to make the bends on the steel bar this way: 


A deep cut (I have used an angle grinder but a hand saw is OK): 


 Then bend it at the required angle:


 The same in other places if needed:



 Once decided the angles I got it ready for the welding keeping it firmly in place :


 A little point of welding will keep the shape, the rest of the welding at the end (you can see I am not a master welder...):

 By the way (little disclaimer here...) I am not encouraging you to do the welding yourself if you don't know how to do it. Try to have someone skilled to weld your rack if this is your first time because it is not as easy as it may appear. If you cannot have someone with some welding experience with you while you are making this rack you can (like I did) give your frame a few little welding points enough to keep it together then go to someone who is able to complete the job. Please note: pouring some melting metal on a joint or in between two piece of steel doesn't mean it is firmly welded, always seek advice from a professional!


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