Return to the Dungeons of Doom (RttDoD) is a free graphical roguelike game.  This is my modernization of the original Rogue.  Those of you already familiar with Rogue will have a distinct advantage going into RttDoD.  I think those not familiar with roguelikes will find RttDoD a good introduction to the genre.

RttDoD has over 70 items and 26 different creatures.   Every level is randomly generated and filled with random items, creatures, and traps.

RttDoD is turn based.  It also features permadeath.  There is no concept of lives.  Once you die you have to start over. 

RttDoD can be played with either the mouse, keyboard, or some combination of both. The keyboard commands can all be changed in game on the Options screen.


Find the Amulet of Yendor around the 26th level of the dungeon.  The higher the amount of gold you have, the higher your final score will be.  If you ignore the amulet you can continue going deeper to find more gold.  The amulet will keep spawning until you pick it up or die.