Welcome to Regional Transit Service!

Regional Transit Service has been providing buses to the motion picture and television industry since 1989. We offer a variety of city and suburban buses that include AM General, Flxible, GMC, Grumman, MAN and many others, as well as police cars such as Ford Crown Victoria's and Chevy Caprice's. Whether you need a bus for a motion picture, music video, commercial, television or just still shots, RTS has the bus for you.

We have buses that represent many major cities and others that can be cosmetically altered to recreate just about any time, place, or theme. Our buses are available on short notice and always come with a Regional Transit representative to assist you with your production requirements.

Whatever your production vehicle needs are,  call us at (951) 684-5926 to speak to a  RTS representative to see what we have for you.

 to check our our current fleet of available buses.

You can also reach us via e-mail at: regtransit@aol.com.