Welcome to Real-Time Software Engineering Lab at Chung-Ang University

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Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Chung-Ang University
221 Heukseok, Dongjak, Seoul, 156-756, South Korea
 Tel: +82-2-820-5829; Fax: +82-2-820-5301
 E-mail: cglee@cau.ac.kr

Research Faculty 

  • Kiseong Lee (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Da Vind College of General Education)
    • Research Interest: Software Architecture, Metrics for Software Modularity
    • Email: goory00@gmail.com
  • Youngmin Kim (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Da Vind College of General Education)
    • Research Interest: Energy-efficient Real-time Scheduling, Real-time Scheduling for Multi-processors 
    • Email: remnant1120@gmail.com
Ph.D. Course Students
  • Jungmin Kim
    • Research Interest: Software Architecture, Machine-Learning based Tools for Software Development and Maintenance
    • Email: jungmink26@gmail.com
  • Syed Farhan Alam Zaidi
    • Research Interest: Automatic Bug Triage using Deep Learning
    • Email:syedfarhanalam1993@gmail.com

Masters Course Students

  • Hoon Seong
    • Research Interest: SW Bug Localization using Deep Learning  

    • Minha Kim
      • Research Interest: Test Coverage and Test Data Generation of Deep Neural Network

    • Byoungkong Hwang
      • Research Interest: Recommending Bug Fixers based on Pre-trained Language Models

    • Daeseong Wang
      • Research Interest: Tools for Triaging Issue Reports based on Deep Learning 
  • Deokhwan Kim (Master, LG Electronics)
  • Heejoo Joo (Master, Samsung Electronics)
  • Seunghoon Min (Master, Tomato Systems)
  • Jaechul Um (Master, Naver)
  • Sichang Kim (Master, Wisewells) 
  • Jeongmin Kim (Master, Software Policy & Research Institute, SPRI)
  • Milhan Kim (Master, LINE Tokyo)
  • Byounghak Kwak (Master, Hyundai MOBIS)
  • Jaeyeob Ahn (Master, LG Electronics)
  • Minsoo Kang (Master)
  • Joonseok Kim (Master, Tmax)
  • Shaikh Mohsin (Ph.D., Assistant Professor at QUAID-E-AWAM University)
  • Choongki Cho (Master, Samsung Electronics)
  • Minjae Hur (Master, LG Electronics)
  • Sunro Lee (Master, Tmax)
  • Faraz Malik Awan (Master, Research Engineer at Telecom SudParis, Paris, France)
  • Sungwook Chung (Master, Korea Securities Depository)
  • Minsoo Lee (Master, Tmax)
  • KyooJin Shim (Master, CSPI)
    • For prospective foreign graduate students

      • We are looking for highly motivated graduate students who are interested in Software Engineering and Real-time/Embedded System Software.
      • For foreign graduate students, we are running a year-round recruitment program; you can apply to our graduate program any time. Please send you resume and transcripts to Prof. Chan-gun Lee.
      • We support foreign graduate students by Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship (CAYSS) Program. This scholarship include full-tuition waiver for two years (including the enrollment fee) and additional stipends minimum 500,000KRW/month (around $450/month currently).

      Research Areas 

      • Software Architecture
        • Automated Software Architecture Recovery
        • Comparison Methods for Architecture Recovery Results
        • Software Architecture Visualization
      • Real-time and Embedded Software
        • Energy-efficient Scheduling for Real-time and Embedded Software
        • Multi-processor Real-time Scheduling
        • Monitoring of Timing Constraints
      • Software Maintenance
        • Software Refactoring
        • Metrics for Software Maintenance
        • Software Repository Mining
      • Event-based Systems
        • Complex Event Processing (CEP)
        • Event-oriented Architecture  

        Research Projects

        •  Convolutional Neural Network based Triage Techniques toward Automation of Bug Assignments (NRF project)  
        We aim to develop a deep-learning based automated tool for solving the problem of bug assignments. Recently Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has shown superior performance not only in multi-media area such as image retrieval but also in text document classifications. We extend the state-of-the-art sentence classification algorithm based on CNN to implement a recommendation system for bug triage. Specifically, our proposed research includes 1) Developing a bug assignment system using CNN, 2) Study on effective word embedding and optimal parameter settings, 3) Devising techniques against imbalance of training data.

        • Identifying Semantic Outliers of Source Code Artifacts and Their Application to Software Architecture Recovery, IEEE Access, 2020.
        • Applying Convolutional Neural Networks With Different Word Representation Techniques to Recommend Bug Fixers, IEEE Access, 2020.
        • Continual Prediction of Bug-Fix Time Using Deep Learning-Based Activity Stream Embedding, IEEE Access, 2020.
        • Software Architecture Module-View Recovery using Cluster Ensembles, IEEE Access, 2019.
        • Applying Deep Learning based Automatic Bug Triager to Industrial Projects, European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE) industrial track, 2017.
        • Reduction of task migrations and preemptions in optimal real-time scheduling for multiprocessors by using dynamic T-L plane, Journal of Systems Architecture, 2017.
        • Assessing the Bug-prediction with Re-usability based Package Organization for Object Oriented Software Systems, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, 2017
        • Deep learning-based real-time query processing for wireless sensor network, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2017.
        • T-L Plane Abstraction-Based Energy-Efficient Real-Time Scheduling for Multi-Core Wireless Sensor, Sensors, July 2016.
        • Aspect-oriented re-engineering of legacy software systems using cross-cutting concern characterization and significant code smells detection, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE), April 2016. 
        • Adaptive Weighting of Structural Dependency and Textual Similarity in Software Architecture RecoveryIEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, March 2016
        • T-L Plane Based Real-Time Scheduling Using Dynamic Power Management, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, August 2015
        • Computational fluid dynamics simulation based on Hadoop Ecosystem and heterogeneous computing, Computers & Fluids, July 2015
        • Comparative Analysis of Modularity Metrics for Evaluating Evolutionary Software, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, February 2015.
        • Split-Jaccard Distance of Hierarchical Decompositions for Software Architecture, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, March 2015.
        • Optimization of Processor Clock Frequency for Sensor Network Nodes Based on Energy Use and Timing Constraints, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, June 2014.
        • RETE-ADH: An Improvement to RETE for Composite Context-Aware Service, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, April 2014.
        • A Component-Based Reconfigurable Sensor Network Monitor for Adapting Time-Critical Requirements, Journal of Internet Technology (JIT), May 2013.
        • Architecture of a Network Performance Monitor for Application Services on Multi-Clouds, Proc. of International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Network (ICUFN), 2013.
        • SPARM: Spatially Pipelined ACK Aggregation for Reliable Multicast in Directional MAC, IEEE Communications Letters, Feb 2013.
        • BTRB: Beam Table-based Reliable Broadcast for Directional Antennas, IEICE Transactions on Communications, Oct 2012.
        • A Distributed and Scalable Time Slot Allocation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing (TMC), 2011.
        • Model-Driven Monitoring of Time-Critical Systems based on Aspect-Oriented Programming, Proc. of International Conference on Secure Software Integration and Reliability Improvement (SSIRI), 2011.
        • A Novel Technique for Composing Device Drivers for Sensors on Smart Devices,  Proc. of International Workshop on Smartphone Applications and Services, 2011.
        • A Development Framework Toward Reconfigurable Run-time Monitors,  Proc. of International Workshop on Information Technology and Multimedia for Ubiquitous Environments, 2011.
        • Formula for Harris Corner Detector, Electronics Letters (EL), 2011.
        • Lazy Approaches for Interval Timing Correlation of Sensor Data Streams, Sensors, 2010.
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