I stand before the moon, and watch it
with your eyes.
I crumble a dying leaf with your hand.
In the silence, I feel your voice caressing my skin.

I twirl in the shadows, catching
your eye from a thousand angles
as you watch, mesmerized.

I disappear, and reappear before you
and you smile with only your eyes.
I wish for the sunrise, to share it with you,
but daylight fades my dreams of your touch.

The beauty from a single drop of your breath
lights my heart with flames.
Eternal sunshine
Melted bliss
And the truth that brightens my path

My wings are clipped, my body aches
my mind's eye listens with love
In the darkness I have found my sight
In the moon's glow, a kiss of fate

And a song imprinted on my soul
whose notes become me.