The 12 weeks RTOS introductionary distance course is aimed to students who would like to have a brief introduction to the main ideas and terminology of the RTOS environment.

Each week students must study the theoretical  topic, make a  task, complete a self control test, which is not valued. Finally there is a conversational consultation at the end of each week.

The content of the course is:
  1. A First Look At Embedded Computing
  2. Tasks and States
  3. Tasks and Data
  4. Semaphores and Shared Data
  5. Semaphores as a Signaling Device
  6. Message Queues, Mailboxes, and Pipes
  7. Timer Functions
  8. Events
  9. Memory Management
  10. Interrupt Routines in an RTOS Environment - Part 1
  11. Interrupt Routines in an RTOS Environment - Part 2
  12. Nested Interrupts


After the course the is a workshop on selected RTOS, studying the details and parameters of the selected system. After all the students must fill in the final test, which is valued  maximum 115 point.  The final consultation possible in the end of the course. There is a forum on several RTOS topics, rising the activity of interested students.