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Current: v0.0.5



July 9 2008

Again, it's been too long... I've started a full time job at a busy company so time's unfortunately tight. I'll be looking at logging next to speed up debugging, however I'll have to pick up GUI development first! With that, I think allowing users to import/export RTM tokens between TBird clients will be relatively straightforward, but as always no guarentees...

And there's a new bug in the readme :(

And once again, comments and bugs are appreciated! Thanks for bearing with me!


June 15 2008

Sorry for the lull in activity for those who are interested, I just got back from backpacking and had some downtime for other errands. Starting full time work so I'll be handling this in my spare time. Thanks to all those who are providing comments and feedback!


May 7 2008

Version 0.0.5 out, fixed the due date/time issue, and priority reset. Going to be off soon, so no new updates for abt a month. But continue to send me bugs/issues/wants etc!


April 30 2008

 I suppose this is best described as a alpha release, so please bear with it. There's a README file for more info. Use at your own risk and if you don't like the things it does (poke around your RTM account), please don't use it. There's a list of implemented features below.

  As always, if you find any bugs send me all the info you can (tbird version, how to recreate, etc etc).

 As a disclaimer, this is a side project for me born out of a university course project. I want to make something useful for everyone, but I can't guarantee anything unfortunately. I'll be busy the next few weeks with final exams, and then I'll be out of town till mid June, and then I'll be working full time, so progress won't be impressive, but I'd definitely like some feedback, suggestions, and bug reports to go through! Thanks!

 -Mike Wu



Retrieving RTM tasks
fields supported:
  added/created (cant be modified in RTM)

Deleting Tasks

Adding Tasks
fields supported:

Modifying RTM tasks
fields supported:
  completion (but no % support in rtm)