Recently opened Central Asian Tax Research Center has delivered the first of 3 training sessions of a USAID sponsored program.

First round of training sessions took place from February 25th – 27th in Holiday Inn Hotel.

60 regional business leaders from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan started learning from experts, as well as from each other; they started building networks and export partnership groups, and collaborating in export promotion activities.

In addition, through the RTCL project, business associations are working with practitioners to improve their advocacy skills and advance the interests of exporters.

Mr. Myles G.Smith, 
Representative of RTLC Project Team

"USAID considers increased export by Central Asia-based companies to be critical to the spread of economic growth throughout the region. We hope that this training will be the first step in preparing a new cadre of business leaders to use international best practices, tap new markets, grow their businesses and bring the benefits to their home countries"

                                  Dr. Bulent Dumlupinar, 
                                  Dean of College of Continuing Education, KIMEP

"All the participants brought up interesting topics for discussion and the project will certainly contribute in their internationalization efforts,-and establishment of an effective network between them. Together with KIMEP, the Regional trade Liberalization and Customs Project contributes to a series of training and group learning sessions especially for Marketing and Export.  I strongly believe that such events should take place more often and covering wider range of business people from Central Asia"

Tomas Balco, CATRC Director
Associate Professor of KIMEP

"I am fascinated by this project, which brings together business people from Central Asia and allows our faculty and students to share knowledge and practical experience with them. The project is an opportunity for our center to build relations and networks across the region and expand into areas closely connected with taxation - such as customs and business aspects of international trade”


Joseph Luke

The Head of Learning Resources at KIMEP


“For the newly opened organization it’s a big step to start from, cause it’s known the “first step is the hardest one”.CATRC performed a great job and gave a big promise to succeed”

Vladimir Tyutyuryukov,
Senior Lecturer at KIMEP

I witnessed here a lot of new business acquaintances appeared and a lot of original business ideas exchanged"


 Article about RTLC project can find here.