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Biographical Sketch

Robert Hughes is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister. After serving as a Lutheran pastor for nearly 25 years he transitioned to Unitarian Universalism and served congregations in Nashville, the Shenandoah Valley, and Frederick, Md. He has also worked as a licensed massage therapist, medical social worker, and co-owner of a small business. He taught world religions for several years. In addition to folk music he has an interest in holistic living, enjoys therapeutic narrative, and is a Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Integrative Health Coach.. He has been married to Judy for 40+ years and they are the parents of two children and four grandchildren. They moved to North Carolina in December, 2014 for Bob's medical treatment at Duke and to be only a "tricycle ride away" (literally) from their 3 year old granddaughter. In 2016 they moved to Matthews, NC (near Charlotte to be close to family (and now 2 grand daughters!)

A friend once described Rev. Hughes as a “UU Taoist Christian - and part-time Quaker”. One of the treasurers of Unitarian Universalism which he treasures is our openness to truth wherever it may be found.

Contact Information

email is hughesbj4339@gmail.com

Phone is 980-339-7551

Some topics of interest, for sermons or presentations:

Wisdom of the World's Religious Traditions

Wisdom of the Tao

Emerson and the Oversoul

Psychosynthesis and Life Development

Contemplative Practices

White Belt Spirituality

Seven Habits of Successful Families