Special Calls and Game Effects

We will do our best to announce these at every event where we have content, regardless of whether an individual call will be used or not. They may be used as weapon calls, directed at a particular character, have areas of effect like as "All in the sound of my voice," or be triggered in response to an occurrence of some sort. We will try to make it clear to you as a player how and when these effects come into play.

Unless otherwise stated, these calls may or may not be magical, depending on the source. We will try to announce ahead of time, but you can always ask a marshal if you are unsure.

Before doing anything else, you must either take 5 large steps backwards or touch your back to the ground.

This call indicates that in addition to the weapon's normal damage, it bypasses advanced Fae resistances.

Breaks what it hits. If it hits a magic item, it disenchants the item. Protect item stops it. This is a standard sword blow if it strikes a hit location on a character.

Final Strike
Will be delivered from a location with a distance. Everyone within the distance is killed. This is a magical effect that ignores (does not damage) armor.

10 seconds of extreme agony, role play it up.  This is non-magical.

Void Armor/Reduce/Absorb
NPCs may call this in response to being hit.  This means they are taking your shots...but something weird may be happening.

This does nothing unless you are told otherwise.

When you hear this, time has completely frozen.  You freeze in place, cannot talk and cannot cast spells.  You can still hear and see what is going on. This is magical, and Resist Magic will prevent it from affecting you.

This call indicates a blow is bane to Faeries. If you are struck by this and think this affects you (because you are any type of Fae), go see a marshal.

This weapon blow is trying to erase you from reality. Whatever it hits is destroyed, and almost nothing remains in its place. In order to fix something destroyed by Slag, the appropriate spell must be Unlearned when it is cast.  A character who wishes to Unlearn a spell in this manner may do so at any point during one of our events, as long as they have not learned a spell yet (and if they do Unlearn, then they may not learn any spells for the remainder of the event).

While Slag is magical, it is too powerful for Resist Magic to block.

Spells that dilute their effects and separate them from the time of casting cannot be used in response to Slag. As a result, Mystic Forge, Circle of Healing, Cry of Life, and Potions will not work.

In particular:
  • If Slag strikes an item, including a weapon or shield, Unlearning Repair Item is necessary to fix it.
    • Bows and Implements cannot be repaired in the normal 200 seconds, and behave as other items.
  • If Slag strikes a Magic Item, Reforge must be unlearned to repair it.
  • If Slag strikes an armor location, Repair Armor or Repair Item must be unlearned.
  • If an item has Protect Item on it, then the Protect Item is spent and the item is broken, but only normally. It may be repaired with a single casting of Repair Item (or Reforge if it is a Magic Item).
  • If a character calls Armored Cloak to Slag, they must Unlearn Armored Cloak, but doing so will block the blow entirely.
  • If a character calls Resist Death to Slag, Slag is negated but the blow itself is not (and so is normally taken as a standard weapon blow).
  • If Slag draws blood from a character, they are dead and scalped. Call the Soul must be Unlearned to repair the scalping, and a resurrection spell (such as Raise Dead or Seed of Life) must be Unlearned to restore them to life. At later events, the character's soul may be called and they may be raised normally.
    • If one or more Slagged characters are raised with Group Healing, it also must be Unlearned.
  • If Slag draws blood from a character under the effects of Embrace Death, they are dead and scalped, and any normal method to raise them will function but will require the spell being cast to be Unlearned.
  • The call of "Knight" fully protects against Slag, as per usual.
Finally, if you are hit by 200 blows of Slag while already dead due to Slag, your body and everything on it vanishes. See a marshal.

Please trust our staff.

Self-marshalable barriers are designated with specific colors of rope (or similar material like surveyor's tape), with multi-colored varieties being twisted together.

Blue and White Rope
This is a barrier akin to a Circle of Protection except that ordinarily, nobody can cross it, not even unenchanted beings. You can call and spend one use of Resist Magic to cross the barrier in one direction, as with a Circle of Protection. If there is a folded paper attached to the rope, then Identify or Disrupt may be cast on the rope, allowing the caster to read the name of the spell written inside. A spellcaster who knows the name may cast Disrupt to break the circle and may remove the ropes (pile them neatly somewhere nearby but out of the way).

Pink and White Rope
This is a barrier indicating an area which "does not exist." Do not cross it, and your character cannot perceive anything inside the area.

Black Rope
This is a barrier which is unable to be crossed by any character or object unless you are specifically told otherwise by marshaling instructions. You can see and hear over and through it as normal.