Lab Members

B.A., Biology, Swarthmore College 
Ph.D., University of Washington

Postdoctoral Researchers

B.A., Kenyon College
Ph.D. Biology, Boston University

Current Graduate Students

Carrie Craig

M.S. Candidate, Marine Biology
B.S. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Washington
Prey DNA in the stomachs of copepod nauplii in San Francisco Bay: determining the diet of an important life stage

M.S. Candidate, Marine Biology
B.S., Biology, Humbolt State University

Population connectivity between invasive populations of Ciona spp in America

Darragh Clancy
M.S. Candidate, Conservation Biology
B.S. Chemical Biology; B.A. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

Using genetic analysis to investigate invasion biology of a colonial ascidian, Didemnum vexillum.

M.S. Candidate, Marine Biology
B.S., Marine Biology, SFSU

Undergraduate Projects: Experimental tunicate regeneration in the field, reproduction in Didemnids


M.S. Candidate, Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
B.S. Animal Science, Cornell University

Population genetics of the salt marsh harvest mouse, Reithrodontomys raviventris

M.S. Candidate, SFSU
B.S., UC Berkeley

Joseph Spaulding
M.S. Candidate, Marine Biology
B.S. Marine Biology SFSU

M.S. Candidate, Conservation Biology
B.S., UC Irvine
Gavilan College, Lab coordinator

Use of genetics to resolve phylogenetic relationships for the conservation of endemic Bermuda killifish, Fundulus bermudae/relictus

Undergraduate research students

Riley Smith
B.S., Biology and Ethnic Studies double major, SFSU. 2013. NIH MARC/RISE fellow, NSF Climate Change fellow.

Leptasterias diversity along the Central California coast

B.S. Candidate, SFSU. Herring and Didemnum vexillum interactions.

Gabriel Peixoto
B.S. Candidate, Cell and Molecular Biology, SFSU. NIH RISE fellow. Botryllid population genetics.

Taylor Gillis
B.S. Candidate, SFSU. Didemnum vexillum growth experiments.

Giulia Gargiulo
B.S. Candidate, SFSU. Didemnum growth experiments, Leptasterias phylogeography.

Jason Helvey
B.S. Candidate, SFSU. Leptasterias nuclear loci.

Other former lab members

Postdoctoral researchers
Dr. Brian Ort, PhD UCSC, SFSU postdoc, UCB research associate, environmental consulting firm / Invasive Spartina Project.
Dr. Sheh May Tam, PhD Cambridge University, SFSU postdoc, Associate Dean, Taylor's University in Malaysia
Dr. Kirsten Copren, PhD UC Davis, SFSU postdoc, UCSF genetics core manager
Dr. Kelly Lee, PhD Princeton University, SFSU postdoc, UCDavis Vet school researcher

Undergraduate researchers from SFSU
Erica Perry, B.S. SFSU, 2013. NSF REU supplements 2012 - 2013.
Nyri Scanlon, B.S. Candidate, SFSU
Barbie Villines, RTC, SFSU B.S., California Academy of Sciences
Ellen Kosman, B.S. SFSU, NSF UMEB, REU; MS CSULB; PhD candidate Florida State University
Patrick Lee, SFSU undergrad, NSF REU; Exploratorium, UCB
Jessica Donald, B.S. SFSU, NSF REU; MS candidate at SFSU, RTC
Valerie Greene, B.S. SFSU, NSF REU; SFSU MS; research technician at USGS, RTC. Secondary school science teacher Urban School, San Francisco.
Richard Coleman, B.S. SFSU, NSF REU, UMB; Graduate Student at University of Hawaii
Julie Day, B.S., SFSU, NSF UMEB; MS University of Central Arkansas; contractor to NOAA, NGO; dive instructor; PhD candidate ZMT Bremen, working on resilience of coral reef communities and global change in the South Pacific
Rita Wilke, B.S. SFSU; environmental consulting firm.
Laura Heidenreich, B.S. SFSU, 2013. UC Davis, Bodega Marine Lab research assistant.
Scott Gablenz, B.S., SFSU. 2013.

Visiting undergraduate researchers
Margot White, HHMI 2013, Macalester College. Entering PhD program at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
Alejandro Bellon, winter extern, summer researcher 2013, Swarthmore College
Edgar Garcia, NSF REU 2013, Brown University
Noah Jaffe, summer researcher 2013, Pitzer College
Meredyth Duncan, NSF REU 2011, Swarthmore College
Kate Bertko, summer undergrad intern, NSF REU supplement, Princeton University, senior thesis at RTC.
Eric Dexter, NSF REU and McNair fellow 2010, Portland State University,
    fall intern Bermuda Biological Station, Master's candidate at WSU Vancouver
Leah Hyee Run Lee, winter extern, summer researcher 2012, Swarthmore College
Abby Vander Linden, NSF REU 2012, University of Washington
Catie Alves, NSF REU supplement 2012, Connecticut College. REEF intern, Mystic/Williams College Maritime Studies lab coordinator.
Natasha Kozlowski, 2013, Alaska Pacific University
Juliana Wu, UC Berkeley, Molecular Environmental Biology major.
Christina Lew, UC Berkeley, Molecular Environmental Biology major.

Other researchers
Dr. Kelly Agnew, PhD University of Texas, Austin; SFSU sabbatical visitor from Hendrix College, Arkansas; NSF ROA
Karen Alroy, RTC laboratory technician, SFSU postbac;  DVM Tufts Vet School, Fogarty Fellow in Peru; AAAS NSF fellow.
Ashley Smith, B.S. Biology, SFSU. USGS technician.

CeSAME STAR summer teacher researchers
Ashley Contreras, 2013, teacher.
Elizabeth Guterriez, 2013, Master's candidate in Education, UC Berkeley
Zach Sturbaum, 2012, undergrad CSU Cal Poly, teacher.
Julia Smith, 2012, undergrad CSU, Sacramento, teacher.
Damion Delton, 2013, 2011, 2010, undergrad CSU, Fresno; teacher.
Garrett Benjamin, 2011, undergrad CSU, Fresno, teacher.
Tren Kauzer, 2011, CSU Cal Poly, teacher.
Gilbert Lam, 2009, undergrad CSU, DH, teacher.
Genovefa Pinnick, 2009, Master's SFSU, teacher
Jacqueline Hill, 2010, undergrad CSU Fresno, teacher.
Michelle Wray, 2010, undergrad CSU, teacher.
Christy Bedayan, 2010, teacher
Mary Dournaee, 2010, teacher

High School interns
Abigail Dunn, 2013, Branson School, Marin
Meghan Chow, 2012 - current,  Lowell High School, San Francisco
Kate Whittingham, 2012 - 2013, St. Ignatius, San Francisco
Kelsey Cawdry, Redwood High School, Larkspur; University of Hawaii
Noah Jaffe, Tamalpias High School, Mill Valley; Pitzer College 
Carmen Yu, Lowell High School, San Francisco
Justin Marx, Novato and San Francisco; UC Davis, College of Marin
Alec Schlosser, 
Marin School of The Arts/Novato High School; Eckerd College