Welcome to Sarah Cohen's SFSU Evolutionary Ecology Lab in the Biology Department and at the Estuary and Ocean Science Center on the Romberg Tiburon Campus

Latest lab news....

Congratulations to Madison Bullock, Cecilia Hernandez, and Rachel Weinberg on your acceptance to the international graduate course on the Evolution of Coloniality and Modularity, to be held at the Centro de Biologia Marinha da Universidade de São Paulo (CEBIMAR), São Sebastião, Brazil on Nov. 25th – Dec. 8th, 2018

Welcome new Fall 2018 graduate students: Gabrielle Rupert, Madison Bullock, Glenda Niven, and Meredyth Duncan! We are thrilled to have you join our graduate group!

Welcome NSF Summer 2018 REUs to orientation week across 3 SFSU campuses: SF 19th Street, EOS, and the Sierra Nevada Field Campus! (June 2018). Welcome Aitana Shough as our lab REU intern this summer.

Congratulations, Rachel Weinberg on your ARCs fellowship renewal for a second year to investigate chimerism causes and consequences in sea squirts! Fabulous!!!

Benson Chow, Master of Science in Biology (Marine Biology) receives the Paul Romberg Service Award at the EOS graduation, Wednesday May 23 

Graduations this week!!!   

New pub! -- Endangered Irrawaddy dolphin popn gen with collaborator Dr Susanna Caballero, published in Marine Mammal Science
Caballero, S., Dove, V., Jackson-Ricketts, J., Cohen, S, Hines, E. 2018. Mitochondrial DNA diversity and population structure in the Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) from the Gulf of Thailand and the Mekong River. Marine Mammal Science, DOI: 10.1111/mms.12518.

Graduate Research in Progress talks presented by Noah Jaffe and Rachel Weinberg in the Rosenberg Seminar Series at EOS.

Rachel Weinberg presented a poster on her ARCs-funded thesis research at the annual ARCs symposium at the Stanford University Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park (May 7, 2018).

Rachel Weinberg and Noah Jaffe presented their research at the SFSU College of Science and Engineering Poster Session on May 4 in the Library Annex.

Upcoming thesis defenses!!!! 

Anastasia Ennis and Calvin Lee presented their thesis defenses on Friday, April 27 in the BCC at EOS and Benson Chow will present on Monday, May 14 at the same location! So much wonderful work to celebrate!!!

We hosted Dr Devon Pearse of NOAA/UCSC in a guest speaker visit in the CMB series on the 19th St campus where he gave a terrific talk on salmonid genomics (April 19).

See a star? Say something! Thanks to Steve Lonhart, NOAA MBNMS, for his SIMoN post. Divers, please have a look at our subtidal survey request.

Congratulations to Jeyna Perez, Noah Jaffe, and Dan Hossfeld for new awards totaling $2575 from the Dr. Earl H. Myers & Ethel M. Myers Oceanographic & Marine Biology Trust to support their graduate research projects on population genetic and physiological variation in intertidal organisms related to increasing environmental stress (April 2018).

Congratulations to Natassja PunakCecilia Hernandez, Noah Jaffe, Margaret Johnson, Jeyna Perez, and Rachel Weinberg for their successful applications for Biology Department IRA awards totaling $2100! (April 2018).

Presentations at the Cal Academy Women in Science NightLife event (March 29) featured Sampling Through Time; Sea Stars and Sea Squirts, an interactive exhibit designed by grads Jeyna Perez, Margaret Johnson, Cecilia Hernandez, and Rachel Weinberg, with assistance from undergrad presenters Natassja Punak, Kaitlyn Sapkos including members of the Marine Ecology lab class, BIOL 586, Sarah Cohen and other lab members. If you missed this fun event or want to hear more, please join us at the EOS Center's annual open house, Discovery Day on April 29.

Graduate student Cecilia Hernandez participated in an ascidian systematics workshop (March 21-23) led by Gretchen Lambert of the University of Washington at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

Noah Jaffe gave a talk on sea star demography and disease signs at the Northern California Parasitology Meeting at UCSF, Mission Bay on February 10, 2018.

Thanks to CSU COAST travel funding, graduate student Cecilia Hernandez is in Sucre, Bolivia to participate in an advanced graduate training course in evolutionary conservation genetics. Red de Genética para la Conservación - XII Taller de Genética para la Conservación 1/14-28, 2018.

Status of sea star wasting disease in Marin, a recent Marin IJ article with information from our lab including surveys by Dan Hossfeld, Noah Jaffe, and others. If you would like to contribute to local surveying, please contact Sarah (sarahcoh@sfsu.edu) (January 2018)

Getting posters ready for the annual meeting of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology in San Francisco January 3-8, 2018!!! Sam Ayyagari, Sarah Cohen, Mai Ly Cohen Barschall, Rebecca Gies, Leah Gray, Cecilia Hernandez, Bing Huey, Noah Jaffe, Jeyna Perez, and Rachel Weinberg!!! 

Anastasia Ennis presented a talk on her endangered mouse immunological research at the Save the Bay Brown Bag lunch series (12.16, 2017)

Grad alum Verena Wang defended her PhD at the University of North Carolina on flounder population structure and connectivity in the south Atlantic! Congratulations, Verena!! In February, she begins a new project on mesopelagic ichthyoplankton community structure at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab!

Graduate Student Sam Ayyagari presented his research entitled “Assessing Genetic Diversity in Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris)” at the 22nd International Biennial Society of Marine Mammalogy conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada from 10/21/18-10/28/17. 

Congratulations to Noah Jaffe for his new CSUPERB travel award to fund field work gathering samples for genetic research on sea star wasting disease in Oregon this fall. Noah also represented the lab at the SSWD conference at WSN this November. Thanks, Noah!

Lab Master's alum Tricia Achleitner-Goulding defended her PhD at Penn State University in November in pulmonate gastropod systematics and she starts an NSF funded postdoc at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu in January working on revisionary molluscan systematics of Pacific island land snails. She is really excited to keep working on systematics (and starting at a museum!), and on endangered land snails!  Congratulations, Tricia!!!

Margaret Johnson and Adam Tricomo (2017 STAR intern) presented their poster, Testing for Variation in Leptasterias spp. Prey Preference and Activity Levels Across Different Populations and Microhabitats at the Western Society of Naturalists meeting on November 19, 2017 in Pasadena, CA.

Sarah visited Ohio State University to give a guest seminar in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology on recognition systems in invertebrate and vertebrate chordates, thanks to host Meg Daly, Director at the Museum of Biological Diversity, for a great visit! (October 19, 2017)