Rich's Place

Various articles and ramblings from a Birmingham UK based Taoist.


These are more structured, in-depth writings on a given subject.  As new articles are written, I'll announce them on my Blog.


Software I've written, provided here in the hope that someone will find it of use, even if only as example code.

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My Other Sites 

My Blog

My online daily soapbox, I use this to post my thoughts on things I see and read.  What to know what's on my mind?  Come on in, I don't bite ... unless you ask me to.

My Flickr! Photostream

My online photo gallery, pics of places I've been and things of interest to me, a still life window into my world. 

My YouTube Videostream   

Videos from places I've been, taken with a Sony W1 camera.  My favourites include things that I've found on YouTube and liked, want to see the lost Rainbow episode, or someone bitchslapped by a photocopier?  Walk this way...