This website provides few validation maps of the RCM simulations produced in ENSEMBLES RT3.

Mean and standard deviation biases of key impact variablesĀ  (Rainfall, Temperature at 2m, Minimum and Maximum Temperatures) are highlighted for the standard seasons (DJF, MAM, JJA and SON) over Europe for the period 1961-2000.

More analysis are available on the RT3 quick look analysis webpage
And a comparison with HOAPS satellite measurements is performed here
Other analysis will be included later...


There are still updates of the RCM runs on the DMI server, and sometimes post-processing errors are found
As a consequence these maps are just an indication of what is available at the moment...
It will be updated if any problems are found afterwards...

This website is maintained by Cyril Caminade (Geography Dpt at theĀ  University of Liverpool)
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