Pathways is...

One of our main objectives in Pathways is to help students make the connection of the attributes they each possess as individuals to the kinds of jobs that would fit them well as adults. These attributes are actually clues to their future, and they get to be the detective and figure out where all the pieces are leading them!

Objectives and Goals for Students

Content: In this unit we will be exploring thing about you, developing an awareness to who you are. We will be looking at your work interests, work values, hobbies, and dreams. iMovie will be the tool to use to showcase these clues about you. We will also take a personality inventory to find to help determine what personality styles you are most dominant in. Keynote will be used to chart your inventory results and explore jobs that are related to your dominant persoanality styles. We will later use this information when we research several college majors and jobs to think about how well they will fit you as an adult.

We will developing a portfolio of your work to share with your parents to help start the discussion of your future careers between you and your parents. They will give you feedback about what you have presented about yourself and then you will reflect on what they had to say.

Technology: In the technology realm we will be using Keynote, iMovie, NoteShare, and GarageBand, OmniGraffle, Comic Life, and iWeb. We will use NoteShare as a digital workbook to guide us on this journy. Upon completion of this project you should be able to use most of Keynotes features including hyperlinking to other slides and Internet sites; have a basic idea of how to put together an iMovie using still images, creating both stand alone titles and titles over images, fit, crop, and apply Ken Burns effect to images, adjust timing, and create music in GarageBand to accompany your movie. We will diagram the college majors you explore with OmniGraffle and document your job research using Comic Life. Much of your work will be passed in using StudyWiz.

Pedagogy: In the way of learning we will using guided instruction, constructivism, small groups, experiential learning, dual coding, word walls, knowledge rating guides, sum it ups, creating constructed response using argument, and others.

Maine Learning Results Connection

Career Preparation: A. Preparing For The Future
Middle Grades 5-8
#4, Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship among personal interests, skills and abilities, and career research.

Career Preparation: B. Education/Career Planning and Management
Middle Grades 5-8
#1, Develop a personal portfolio that contains critical personal, educational, and career information.