Setup & Installation

Azureus RSSTray - Quickly manage incoming torrents





Installing RSSTray

The Azureus RSSTray is distributed in a msi installer package, a binary package, and the source files. 

The easiest way to get Azureus RSSTay installed it to run the MSI installer. 

The binary package is simply an executable with all the supporting dlls and files.  To get the application to run, you must simply extract the executable file  and execute the file.

The  source package contains all the source code and must be compiled to run.  All solutions, projects and source is provided in this package.

Configuring RSSTray

Once the application is running, you should see a new tray icon appear.  The tray icon will be one of the following icons depending upon what action the application is preforming.

Right-click on the tray icon, choose view configuration from the menu,  The following dialog should appear.  


Enter your configuration information, the most important settings are your torrent rss feeds and your connection information for your azureus server.

Choosing RSS Feeds

RSSTray is specific about what torrent feeds it will support.  It assumes that the url of a rss feed entry is the url of the torrent.  If you supply rss feeds that does not follow this convention, the posting function of the application will not work.

 A good location to find rss feeds for television shows iis TVRss is a torrent aggregator that is very reliable and allows for customization of feeds by search criteria.

Connecting to your Azureus Server

To configure your connection to your rss server, enter the url of your server with a connection string in the following format:

Connection Syntax:  http://<serveraddress>:<port>/index.tmpl?d=u
Sample Connection:

Using RSSTray

Once your RSS feeds have been subscribed to in the configuration window, the application will begin to poll the feeds at the interval specified in your configuration.  When the application finds a new torrent added to a feed the recent torrent window will appear telling you the number of found torrents.

From the recent torrent window, the user has three options 
1) The user may discard the torrent by deleting it from the list. 
2) The user may "Post" the torrent to thier azureus server

Posting Torrents

When a torrent is checked in the recent torrent window, the application will attempt to begin downloading the torrent on the Azureus server.  If any errors are encountered when posting, they will be described in the recent torrent window.