About RSSTray 

Azureus RSSTray - Quickly manage incoming torrents




About the Tray

The Azureus RSSTray provides a compact, friendly interface for monitoring torrent rss feeds for new torrents.  It is especially usefull for starting new BitTorrent downloads from a remote location — for instance, if you use a machine other than your main workstation for BitTorrent downloads.  

The Azureus RSSTray not only notifies you when new torrents are found in your subscribed rss torrent  feeds, it allows you to post the torrents to your azureus server and initiate the download of torrents. 

Technical Requirements

An Azureus server with the HTML Web UI plugin running

A windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista installation

An network connection to your Azureus server

.NET Framework 2.0 

An internet connection (for rss subscription polling)