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Marine Robotics Workshop at RSS 2011

Aquatic Robotics: Ocean Science and Marine Systems


  • Ryan N. Smith (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Noel Du Toit (California Institute of Technology)
  • Burton H. Jones (University of Southern California)
  • Kanna Rajan (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

Due to extenuating circumstances, we were unable to deploy any vehicles before the start of this workshop. Hence, the interactive portion of this event involving mission planning and the DSS will be unavailable for the day of the workshop. 


This full-day workshop at RSS 2011 will gather experts across the robotics and oceanography communities to present research conducted with aquatic robots to address practical problems in ocean science. The primary content of the workshop will be presentations by invited speakers, and a concluding open panel discussion. Presenters will cover a broad range of topics linked to marine robotics, including but not limited to: AI, aquatic robotics (both underwater and surface systems), communications science and technology, networked and multi-robot systems in the aquatic domain, physical oceanography, biological oceanography, and marine microbiology. A panel discussion will conclude the workshop. Prior to, and during the RSS conference, we will deploy 2-3 AUVs to monitor the ocean region off the coast of Los Angeles. During the conference a web-application (Decision Support System (DSS)) will be in place for conference attendees to monitor the ongoing deployment.

The workshop will feature technical talks addressing utilization of robotic systems to study physical and biological oceanographic processes, the mission planning problem for long-term aquatic monitoring, and proposed solutions addressing aquatic research for single and multi-vehicle systems. An outcome of this workshop is to create bridges between these communities by sharing recent advances and discussing future needs by hybridizing approaches from different communities.

Following the invited presentations, the workshop will move into a panel discussion to determine a plausible mission to run on the currently deployed assets. The mission will be uploaded to the DSS and to the vehicle. All conference attendees will be able to view the execution of the mission in real time for the duration of the conference and mission.


The organisers invite submissions in the form of extended abstracts to be considered for oral presentations during the workshop. Submissions will be reviewed by the organising committee. An optional interactive poster session will be organized if there is a large number of submissions.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

* Applications of autonomous marine vehicles
* AI
* Aquatic communications science and technology
* Networked and multi-robot marine systems
* The study of physical oceanography , biological oceanography, and marine microbiology by use of robotic systems.

Abstracts should be in PDF format, and be a maximum of 2 pages in length.

Email submissions to: ryan (dot) smith <at> with "RSS-marine-robots" in the subject line.

Important Dates

* Submission deadline: May 13, 2011
* Notification of acceptance: May 25, 2011

Additional Details:

Available vehicles:

    Slocum glider

    EcoMapper AUV

Mission guidelines:


Region of Interest and location specifications: