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View: Nikki Gregg

Stand up paddling has been a growing  landlocked sport river and lake, looking back on  the first white water  SUP event in 2009  put on by EnviroAction Productions, C4 paddle boards ,Werner paddles and more  took place on the mighty Colorado river in Glenwood springs CO May 2009

Nikki Gregg shown above was one of the competitors in the event, a local Hawaiian and core trainer has combined her skills and passion for health into Stand up paddling  on board fitness program ,visit the NRG website
[view video click link ]

Gregg Fitness SUP boot camps river and ocean
She has competed in many events winning third in the a recent Cold water SUP event and being one of the first women to bomb drop a waterfall on a SUP. 

RSM:Nikki how Long have you been Stand up paddling in the  ocean and the river .

Nikki:I have been st
and up paddling for 2.5 years. One of my first experiences ever with SUP was paddling the famous Maliko run on the north shore of Maui during a 10ft Hawaiian swell. There were big waves, strong current and wind, raining and deep water.....I loved it!
Nikki:I began river/whitewater SUP last spring 2009 and be
came hooked instantly.
probably because of my previous experience with whitewater raft guiding and kayaking.

RSM:Advice you can offer to other  women or others  who want to get in the water and on a SUP board.

Nikki:Women or anyone who is  ready to get out and try stand up paddling should get a lesson from a qualified instructor. Flat water is the place to start. I recommend getting used to paddling flat water (for some this is a few days and for others a few weeks). A person should be competent with balancing, turning, moving feet around on the board, etc., before paddling in moving water. Taking one of my stand up paddle boot camps is a great way to improve on all those aspects.

RSM:What are some of your favorite river runs and places you have traveled to river SUP.

Nikki:My favorite river runs, all of them! I was in Oregon for most of the summer and Dan and I ran the lower White Salmon and the Deschutes several times.The Deschutes is a great run because there are some challenging wave trains to get through, but it’s deep for those unexpected dismounts off the board. I really look forward to running more rivers in Colorado this spring like sections of the Ark, Colorado, Yampa, and Poudre are on my list. I am looking to get into solid 3+ or 4- which in my opinion is like running class V on SUP.

How would you compare river SUP to ocean SUP apples to oranges so to speak.

:River and Ocean stand up paddling are quite different. I think with the river you need to throw out everything you know about ocean surfing and look at it with a different perspective. Both are challenging in their own ways. To surf the river you have to paddle upstream a certain way to get on the wave and it’s really hard. The ocean waves just come and pick you right up!

RSM:Do you see RVRSUP becoming a world wide circuit someday.

I think the popularity of river SUP is growing and will continue to
grow worldwide. I fear that other stand up paddle surfers will try river running without learning the proper river knowledge and get injured or die.

Nikki:"It’s nothing to take lightly so I encourage everyone to get the proper instruction and equipment for the river."

RSM:Good advice things can go bad quick .You placed among the top three in the woman's division here in Colorado the competition was fierce and way fun to watch.

Nikki:The WWSUP Championships in Glenwood was one of my first times stand up paddling on the river. Getting on and surfing the Glenwood wave, especially twice during the actual competition, was one of the biggest challenges/accomplishments I’ve made during my SUP career. No other girl made it onto the main wave with her SUP. Another huge accomplishment is that I am the first girl to ever run a small waterfall on SUP. (Punchbowl Falls on the Hood River in Sept.) There will be a photo of it in the upcoming Stand Up Journal. :-)

RSM:Any strategies if the 2010 WWSUP event takes place next year.

Nikki:Strategies for next WWSUP next year no strategy,  just get out and paddle as much as I can and I’ll make sure to have more practice and better equipme

RSM:You definitely got a good man to train with DanG rules how much has he affected your SUPing style he's a cool cat.

Nikki:Dan has taught me just about everything I know about SUP. He is an amazing coach and he makes the impossible seem possible. Without him I would never be where I’m at as far as skill level. He pushes me to my limits every time. He tells me that I’m the only girl that can keep up with him.

Photo :Nikki and Dan doing the Nui dog shuffle ,Nui the Blur.

RSM:What type of set up do you prefer for the river as opposed for the ocean board length, paddle 

Nikki:For the river, my board is usually wider, more stable and more volume. You really want to float higher in the river as opposed to surfing in the ocean waves. For the ocean waves I prefer shorter boards with less flotation

RSM:What boards you got in your quiver these days.

Nikki:I like smaller blades for high cadence paddling. The big blades just slow me down and wrench my shoulders. These days I have been paddling Starboards. They have such a wide range of boards for every aspect of the sport I like. They are also willing to experiment with the latest technology and I’m looking forward to a whitewater model that will be coming out in the near future.

RSM:Do you have Sponsor's

Nikki: Sponsor’s include Starboard , Werner Paddles , H2O Overdrive , Sacred Surf , and I/O Bio

RSM: What is your take on woman's sports these days women never seem to get the same respect as men in sports and the media coverage why is that do you see that. Women have a complete different style and grace then men ,it deserves to be showcased in my opinion .

Nikki: As far as women in the sport of stand up paddling I think that they are getting a lot of positive recognition they deserve and some girls are tough competitors against the men. Look at Brandi Baksic and Candice Appleby who I see whooping up on the guys on a regular basis! Also, I competed in an all girls SUP surf competition at Queen’s in Waikiki last summer and there were several heats with over 20 girls.

"We were surfing killer overhead waves. It was amazing!"

RSM:Tell us about NRG fitness ,how did it start, where can people sign up. 

Nikki:NRG Lifestyle ,Fitness, Training began on the North Shore of Oahu. I began stand up paddling right around the time I started my business. I thought of integrating stand up paddling into my fitness programs after I, and everyone else, noticed the transformation in my body and wanted to know what I was doing to look so good. I started doing SUP Fitness Boot camps for my clients and things really started to take off!

RSM:What a great program inspiring. I enjoy SUPing in lakes and rivers it is truly a great work out and a new get off the landlocked  couch lifestyle. WWSUP you are at the fore front congrats on your biz and Stand Up padding career thank you Nikki  so much for your time,insight & stoke.

RSM:Nikki if you would like to add something  our say something to the world what would it be.

Nikki:Now I’m stoked to be able to introduce SUP Boot camps to the landlocked mainland. Hopefully I will be able to put on a couple of them in Colorado next summer.

Good advice from Nikki's site "You Are Given One Body...Why Not Make It The Healthiest One That You Can?"

Photo's courtesy of Nikki Gregg shown above /Rock'in the waves with Side kick Nui the Dog.