Cultural Crossroads 2011

A Celebration of our Community’s Cultural Riches
ARSC "The Heritage" приглашает Вас принять участие в ежегодном фестивале
November 4, 5, 6, 2011
Crossroads Bellevue, NE 8th at 156th Ave. NE
The Ethnic Heritage Council and Crossroads Shopping Center will present the Twenty-first Annual Cultural Crossroads Festival, November 4-6, at Crossroads Bellevue, located at NE 8th at 156th Ave. NE in Bellevue. The festival will feature some of the area's best ethnic entertainment on two stages, an international bazaar, and exhibits. Admission is free.

Friday, November 4: 5pm - 10pm;
Saturday, November 5: 10am - 10pm;
Sunday, November 6: 11am - 6pm

Performance Schedule — Schedule subject to change

Friday, November 4:
Market Music Stage:

5:30-6:30Juliana & PAVA - Ancient Russian Folk Songs
7:00-9:30The Rouge & Noir Tango Orchestra – with free Tango Lesson by Patty Leverett

Saturday, November 5:
Market Music Stage:

11:00-11:45Quichua Mashis - Music of the Andes
12:00-12:45Folkvoice Band - Songs of Europe - From Finland to Greece
1:00-1:45Urvasi Dance Company - Classical Odissi Dance from Orissa, India
2:00-2:45La Mezzanotte Trio & Fortissimo! - Favorite Songs of Italy, France, Germany & more!
3:00-3:20Asia Pacific Language School - Children Perform Songs of China & Japan
3:30-4:15From Within - Bharatanatayam Traditional South Indian Dance
4:30-5:15ARSC "The Heritage" - Piano Performances of Music by Famous Russian Composers 
5:30-6:30Eduardo Mendonça & Show Brazil! - Traditional & Contemporary Music & Dance
7:00-9:30Los de Rio - Musical Journey through Spain, Mexico & Latin America

Dance Stage:
11:00-11:30Karavans Dance Troupe – Folk and Tribal Dances from North Africa, Mid-East & Iran
11:35-12:05Kisbetyárok – Hungarian Family Dance Group
12:15-12:45Filipiniana Dance Company – Filipino Folk Dances & Songs
12:55-1:25Katrilli Finnish Folkdancers – Dances From All Regions of Finland
1:30-2:00Joyas Mestizas – Mexican Folkloric Dance
2:10-2:40Chaopraya Ensemble – Traditional Folk & Classical Music and dance from Thailand
2:40-3:10Stage Break
3:10-3:40Enzian Schuhplattler - German Bavarian Schuhplattler & Alpine Dances
3:55-4:25Te Fare O Tamatoa - Traditional Tahitian Dancing & Drumming
4:35-5:05Russian Community Center - Folk Dance of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova
5:10-5:40Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios - Chinese Martial Arts
5:45-6:15St. Demetrios Greek Dance Troupe - Children Perform Dances from Various Regions in Greece
6:30-7:00Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble - Ukrainian Folk Dance and Songs

Sunday, November 6:
Market Music Stage:

11:00-11:45Quichua Mashis - Music of the Andes
12:00-12:45Sangeet Moksha - Indian Classical Songs & Ragas
1:00-1:45Dr. Maggie Bennett, Folklorist - "Lore, Legends, and Lyrics of the Irish"
2:00-2:45Shahrazad Dance Ensemble of Seattle - Folkloric Dances of Egypt, Lebanon & North Africa
3:00-3:45Kabuki Academy - Japanese Dance & Shamisen Music
4:00-4:45Haandei I Jin (Take my Hand) - Traditional Alaskan Tlingit Singing, Dancing & Drumming
5:00-6:00Ocheami - Music, Dance & Stories from Ghana, West Africa

Dance Stage:
11:00-11:30Halau Hōkunani - Music & Hula from the Islands of Hawaii
11:40-12:10Jacquelina's "Dances of Spain"
12:20-12:50Baile Glas Irish Dancers - Traditional Irish Step Dance, Reels, Jigs & Hornpipes
1:00-1:30Nrityangan Kathak Dance Studio - Indian Classical, Semi-Classical and Creative Dance
1:40-2:10Radost Folk Ensemble - Adults & Children Perform Songs & Dances of the Balkans
2:10-2:40Stage Break
2:40-3:10Melody Dance Group - Traditional, Ethnic, Folk & Modern Chinese Dance
3:20-3:50Seattle Junior Tamburitzans - Youth perform Traditional Music and Dance of Croatia
4:00-4:40YapLine - Stick Dances of Yap Island, Micronesia
4:50-5:20Comerford School of Irish Dance - Traditional Irish Step Dancing
5:30-6:00Bokréta Hungarian Dance Ensemble - Hungarian Folk Dance