Short Biography

Name :                                             Dr. Ravinder Singh Bisht

Father's Name :                             Shri L. S. Bisht

Date of Birth :                               2nd January 1944

Nationality :                                    Indian by Birth

Permanent Address :                    9/19, sector-3, Rajendranagar,

                                              Sahibabad, Ghaziabad 201005,


Academic Qualifications:

 Degree      Subject    
University / Institution    
 M.A.      Ancient Indian History & Culture
 Lucknow University
 School of Archeology, ASI
 Ph.D"Emerging Perspectives of the Harrapan Civilizations in the Light of Recent Excavations at Banawali and Dholavira"
 Additional Visharad 1958
  Sahityaratna 1960

Professional Experience :         A total of 35 years’ experience in


                                            Research and


Positions Held:

Archaeological Survey of India : Joint Director General, ASI (Retd.- 31 January, 2004)


  1. Institute of Archaeology

  2. Explorations & Excavations

  3. Project and Museum

  4. Conservation

  5. Budget and Account

  6. Administration

Superintending Archaeologist:

  1. Mid-Eastern Circle

  2. North-Western Circle

  3. Exc. Branch V, Vadodara & also held additional charge of Vadodara Circle & special Branch- additional charge for about 11/2 years.

Department of Archaeology and Museum Haryana:

  1. AAO

  2. Dy. Director

Department of Archaeology and Museum Panjab:

  1. Sr. Technical Assistant