Welcome to RSA Speech and Debate!

We believe that all students have a voice.

Our goal is to empower it.

Welcome to the RSA Speech and Debate Team website! We're glad you found us. This extracurricular activity is designed to help students become more proficient in public speaking. Our goal is to use speech and debate activities as well as inter-school competition as a means to help students achieve mastery of communication skills - writing, listening, and speaking.

The RSA Speech and Debate Team for the 2019 - 20 school year meets on Thursdays from 3:30 - 5 pm in Ms. West's room. 

Competitions and invitationals are held on weekends and are interspersed throughout the year.  Anyone is welcome to come and check out our team.  For more information, or to join the team, please contact us by emailing team@rsaspeechanddebate.com

All of our league competitions are free to compete at. There are some payments that will be asked for invitational costs which are pay to compete. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Ms. West.

Thank you!  We look forward to meeting you!

Stanford Invitational 2018

Stanford Invitational 2017