Here is a link to a newspaper article about the California Textbook Controversy, related to theories of Aryans and the Veda.
    Here the BBC discusses some of the related issues.

Life of the Buddha:
Here is the link to the Life of the Buddha video, which we will be watching part of in Class.
    For all you Keanu Reeves fans, here is his attempt to get totally Enlightened (dude) in "The Little Buddha".
    Here's KR talking about his Buddhahood.
    Did you know that movie stars Chris Isaak?  Who is Chris Isaak?  Recognize.

Every wonder how much is at stake with religion in modern India? Here is a clue.
Want to watch the Sita Sings the Blues video again?  Or go to Nina Paley's website.
    Checkout more awesome Ramayana dramatization.

ISLAM and SUFI links:
Where did Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf go before a 2005 visit to New Delhi?
Watch the video on Islam we saw in class.
Here is a great, concise video representation on the Mughal Empire.  The music as absolutely gorgeous!
May I introduce you to the heavenly voice of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Great Sufi singer of Punjab!  Here is the best 114 minutes of your life.

Sikh stuff:
Check out this BBC recap of the events surrounding 1984, and their impact on the community.
Here is a 2-part documentary on the Sikhs.
And here are some interesting Websites run by members of the Sikh community themselves: