GTTI Radar and Remote Sensing Workshop 2017
                                    Napoli 25,26 MAY 2017

The upcoming Italian Workshop Radar and Remote Sensing is the 1st event in the series of workshops organized by GTTI, the Italian Information and Communication Technology group. The venue of this year is the Università di Napoli Parthenope.
The workshop is quite informal. Submitted contributions will not be published nor copyrighted, and participants are encouraged to submit original work-in-progress as well as results previously presented to other international venues. Access to copyrighted material will be restricted.

**********Latest News**********
26/05/2017 The Winners for the two best oral and poster presentations from under 35 years have been announced: Francesca Filippini (Oral Presentation) and Daniel Onori (Poster Presentation).

18/05/2017 Author instructions are now available here

18/05/2017 Small changes in Technical Program. Please check here.  

15/05/2017 Dinner Reservation is now closed. We apologize but further requests can't be accepted.

10/05/2017 Information on how to reach Palazzo Pacanowski are available here.  

08/05/2017 The Complimentary Social Dinner will take place on the 25/05/2017 on the seafront. The hard deadline for dinner reservation is set to the 15/05/2017. After this date, further requests can't be accepted. Please contact the organizers for any information.

03/05/2017 Registration is now open

03/05/2017 Technical Program is available