RR SONIC Smart homes absolutely fly connecting multi wifi or hard wired devices all at the same time, NetFlix YouTube TikTok Iplayer all can run at the same time in every room stream tv radio FaceBook Skype, You Name it we have you covered. All you require is your house builder to have put in some cat5 cables to each tv position in your house. 

We call this smart wiring,most builders don't put this in because they are cheep and just want to sell you an empty box. If the builders don't put smart wiring in place then you will have no choice and have to use wifi only . RR SONIC have a plan B for this exact situation we still build you a small network connecting  your existing broadband hard wired off course and from this we might where possible sneak in a few wires if not we will fit high speed RR SONIC Wifi access points here there and everywhere to allow high speed traffic flow to all your rooms.

If your house builder does run some cat5 cables then this is fantastic, most people think everything is wifi now and in a sense it is, however 99% of all modern televisions, gadgets computers, laptops, sonos, cctv systems ect all have Ethernet connections ? i wonder why ? because they connect faster more secure and have extreme reliability.

 We supply RR SONIC network switches to cctv engineers all the time and they would never use wifi to stream cctv signals, its either net all the way,if only the house builders would listen to use experienced engineers. Your tvs smart features will connect to the internet lighting fast especially if your using good quality network switches.

RR SONIC network switches are all air cooled and are designed to be switched on 247 all year round. Normally our switches are found in hotels, factories,ships, even oil platforms ect. 

RR SONIC network switches can have hundreds of people connection at the same time all demanding fast reliable internet data. 

This is why gamer's, stock market traders and online professionals  use RR SONIC network switches say no more.

So when it comes to your home network running multiple devices televisions heating systems cctv systems ect ect  all this will run with absolute ease when your using RR SONIC NETWORK SWITCHES.

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