RR SONIC Home broadband Kit


Our external antennas are ideal for improving your internet speed and catching a cleaner signal. You could have the best router in the world,however if its stuck in a cupboard or hiding behind a sand stone wall then your missing out on high speed internet.

The RRSONIC antennas have proven to be be the best way to collect 4G signals,

 We always recommend using 2 antennas one for down load and one for up load ( input 1 and input 2 on your router does this automatically ) 

This makes complete sense to installers and antenna engineers. When it comes to giving your customer high speed internet why compromise ? Our 4G antennas are omni directional so from an installation point of view just put the 4G antenna as high as you can. We recommend you keep the cable length to 5 meters maximum, This way you don't loose the 4G signal, We also recommend the 4G router goes in a loft or somewhere near the highest point of the building.

You can then drop a cat5 cable to an access point so the customer can benefit from supper fast internet any where in the property. Install 1 or more access points depending on the customers budget and building size.

When it comes to 4G fast internet signals we know what we are talking about, from castles to stately homes we have conquered the lot with the RRSONIC antennas. 

RR SONIC 4G  antennas the professionals choice because they work.


Possibly the best 4G antenna on the market, used by professional installers.

High end heavy duty pole mounts,ideal for high winds and making sure its completely tight.

All stainless steel and alloy fixing so zero future rust

5 meters of low loss cable with crimped water proof gold plated connectors

Ideal size to collect the most amount of 4g signal for any 4g network

If your in a very bad reception area then we always install 2 antennas ideal for up load and down load speeds.

 This application was surrounded by a thick forest and we still managed to achieve 4 bars of signal strength and over 40mbs. A big up grade from 4mbs.

RR SONIC 4G antennas get 5 stars from customers and professional installers.

Proven and tested on farm buildings,castles,hotels,factory buildings.

These antennas are simply the best. 

Our 4G antennas are compatible with any mobile phone network 

Installing 4g and 5g technology into stately homes 

We recommend using 2 antennas per installation this will improve your installation and give your customer a much better result.

RR Sonic have now installed these antennas into castles,stately homes,listed buildings and the results speak for there self's.

RR Sonic 4g external antennas on another listed building,this building has meter thick walls and the customer had tried everything,we have now got 30meg and full internet coverage in most rooms of the building.Thanks to the RR Sonic external internet aerials.

Double head 4G antennas by RRSONIC proven to work with great results time after time.

The above mansion house had dreadful internet speeds 3 to 4 meg from a copper BT telephone line . After installing the RRSONIC antennas along with a new 4G router the now get a whopping 15 meg  to 38 meg  dramatic internet speed results, the customers now have NetFlix working in most parts of the building, email and other internet services.

This was with a 4G router and RR SONIC antennas ( unlimited sim deal ) 

Most old rural homes are still on copper and paying crazy prices for very slow broadband, let us show you how to save money and speed up your internet speed and coverage.

Signal collected from the local VODAFONE transmitter

Our new 4G antennas are collecting signals from the local EE cell tower.

Our antennas are compatible with :

huawei 4g router 3 pro

and any 4G router thats got external aerial sockets.