High speed day traders

High speed day traders love RR SONIC due to there ultra fast internet connections and sheer reliability. Our network switches are designed to have right beside your laptop or tower pc. Every second counts when trading having a slow network will loose you money and completely stress you out. RR SONIC network switches are open flowing on each port. Our sleek design and air cooled switched really perform, All cat 5 cat 6 and basic either net cables have a loss of signal over distance, some are worse than others. Our understanding comes from a gaming and trading back ground. Speed and reliability is everything also a sleek design.

We recommend you run a high quality cat 6 cable from your router and make sure it plugs direct into you RR SONIC network switch sit this close to your pc laptop or gaming machine. Don't trade the stock market over wifi once you have used any of our network switches you will never look back.