RRSonic Embracing New Technology 

Hassle-free Internet for older people

No set-up is required plug in and use

RRSonic internet kits work in most rural areas.

RRSonic internet is also ideal for the older generation

Instant internet for your new home with zero contract

Ideal for when your waiting on all your telecoms being sorted out great gap filler

The RRSonic internet routers are ideal for a fast set-up internet same day usage, works out the box with zero contract.

RRSonic internet routers even work in really bad weather, broadband speed dose not seem to be effected.

RRSonic internet routers are ideal for taking in your motorhome, either plugs into 240v or uses the motorhomes 12v cigarette lighter socket

RRSonic instant internet solution, is ideal for building site wifi and computers

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