Portraits in Oil and Watercolor

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20x24, oil

Owen,20x24", oil
Little Girl,16x20"
Little Girl 2 22x28", oil

22x28", watercolor

24x30", oil


20x24", oil


20x24", oil

16x20, oil

23x30, oil



16x20", oil

16x20", oil

24x30", oil

16x20", oil

16x20", oil


Randy Lambeth

1545 Whitney St. 

 Augusta, Georgia, 30904

706-738- 6347

 email link- rrlambeth@gmail.com

 Artist info- http://magazine.augusta.com/stories/100104/arts.shtml








  The artist would visit your home to get to know the portrait subject, and to take photographs in a personal setting. 

Oil portraits are: 16x20", $2,250.00, 20x24", 3,750.00, 24x30" and upwards, 4,750.00. Watercolors start at $I,275.00. For both mediums top quality materials are used to last for many generations. 


Randy Lambeth

email link:rrlambeth@gmail.com


1545 Whitney St

Augusta Ga.30904

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