"Scene at the Marine Room",24x30",$4,750

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 Watercolor Landscapes   


Oil Figure    Watercolor Figure     

 House Portraits   Pet Portraits  

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Dawn at Partridge Inn Penthouse, 30x40", $8,750.00 sold

                             Rebecca in Bath, 20x24", $3,750.00
                              The Bartendress, 36x48",$8,500.00


Girl Inspecting her Big Toe, 9x12",$2,275.00
Lisa before Window,20x24" $4,750
Amy in Tub, 16x20", $2,750.00 sold
Collette in Bath, 16x20", $2,750
Faith at Nap, 8x10", $1,275
Amy at nap, 9x12", $1,275
Tammy before Wimdow,9x12", $1,275
Lisa from Cafe', $2,750.00  sold
Tammy in Bed, 20x24", $3,750.00 sold
                                  Polly at Vanity30x40",$6,750.00 sold

Entering Bath, 20x24", $2,275.00

Girl at Red door, 30x40",$3750.00 sold


Elizabeth Repose, 24x36",$4,750.00

Ann Washing Hair, 9x12",$1275.00
Ann Rinsing Hair,9x12", $1,275

Dawn at Nap,9x12",$1275.00

Girl with Pastels, 30x40",$4,750,00

Girl in Penthouse, 30x40",$4,750.00

 Girl Looking from Penthouse, 30x40", $4,750.00


Girl Brushing Hair, 11x14",$2,275.00

Girl Washing Foot, 20x24",$2,275.00
Faith in Bed, 16x20", $2,750
Elizabeth and Sheila, 28x34", $6,750 sold
Girl at Window 11x14", $1,275

     Girl in Bath, 20x24",$1750.00

Putting on Shoe, 24x24",$3,275.00



Randy Lambeth

1545 Whitney St. 

 Augusta, Georgia, 30904

706-738- 6347

 email link- rrlambeth@gmail.com

Artist info: About the Artist by Jim Garvey  


  These oils are priced as marked.

  I thank my models.

Randy Lambeth

email link:rrlambeth@gmail.com


1545 Whitney St

Augusta Ga.30904

About the Artist by Jim Garvey