Coaching Links and Info

[Call Vince Metzgar 962-9501 for detailed instructions] 
  1. Talk to Vince Metzgar, RRHS AD, 962-9501
  2. Apply with RR District Office, Natalie Todd 962-1136,
  3. Register and take clinics at (Fundamentals and Concussion classes)
  4. Register and take CPR, AED, First Aid at
  5. Meet with TJ Fails (RRHS Trainer) for CPR certification (315-7102) 
COACHING LINKS (Please email Shep if a link is no good or if you find a better one)

Note: Don't pay for any of these sites unless you really want to (with your own money). The free stuff should be more than you need.

The Coaches Toolbox - this might be my favorite new site; lots of ideas for better coaching practices - not just drills and games, but philosophy and attitudes, many taken from current college and pro coaches of all sports

Soccer Toolbox - The Soccer specific page of Coaches Toolbox with lots of great drills and videos

Jeff Pill's Drills - lots of good drills, complete sessions, and even a parent letter

Soccer Help - a cluttered site but worth clicking around (Don't pay!); if you click "Start Here" I think you can register for free and get some good games

Soccer Specific - you have to join (just do the free option) but there are some great features (sessions, videos) - cool pro practice videos, drills, advice from pro coaches, etc. from real European clubs

Professional Soccer Coaching - lots to click, changes regularly, lots of videos of practice sessions, session outlines, etc., including print and go practice plans

Soccer Xpert - lots of drills with clear, simple explanations and diagrams; drills are rated by users

Soccer Practice Videos - looks like YouTube videos for soccer coaches; cool to see the drills in real action; listed by subject

Soccer Training Info - you name it, it's here; use both top and side menus; explanations with videos, pro teams training, etc.