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The RRHS Boys Soccer Program consists of a Varsity Team, a Junior Varsity, and a C-Team, that play a full schedule of games in the fall, from August to early November.  All boys enrolled in Rio Rancho High School are eligible to tryout if they have at least a 2.0 GPA for the Spring semester with NO F’s (except incoming 9th graders), no serious discipline problems, and all of the required paperwork. Players may not play on other teams during the high school season.

PARENTS: By allowing your son to play for RRHS Soccer, you are agreeing to abide by and support the decisions made by the coaching staff on behalf of your son. If your son makes a team, you agree to support the team, the other players, and the coaches, both on and off the field. Remember: playing soccer at RRHS is a privilege and not a right. If you do not trust the coaching staff with your son, please take him out of our program.

“The difference between wanting and achieving is hard work.”



All forms can be downloaded from the RRPS Athletics website (or from and must be turned in before the player can participate! DONE DURING REGISTRATION!!!

All players are required to have a current physical exam on file, as well as other paperwork like insurance, etc. before being allowed to participate in school athletic activities. This physical must be done after April 1st.

  • NOTE: Coach does NOT take paperwork. Turn in all paperwork online (at Registration) or to the RRHS Athletic Office (in the gym), whereupon you will get a Permission to Practice slip, which you will bring to Coach Shepard.


Summer training is an opportunity for our athletes to improve. During the summer, we expect our athletes to improve their FITNESS and their SOCCER. Fitness includes endurance, speed, strength, and agility. Soccer includes technique (skills) and tactics (game play). In June, the athletes will take care of their own endurance work, and the coaching sessions will concentrate on skills and speed/strength/agility.

In July, there are more sessions per week, so we will include all aspects of training, with an emphasis on tactics. At tryouts in August, it will be obvious who worked hard in June and July.


With the huge number of games and practices for club soccer, it is important to take some time off to refresh yourself and get hungry for soccer again. So, if you are playing club soccer in the spring, we want you to take at least TWO WEEKS OFF before coming out to RRHS training sessions. For example, if your team goes to Regionals (Is anyone?), we don’t want to see you until July 9 at the earliest. (We’re not even starting until 3 weeks after State Cup is over.)

Vacation, swim, ride your bike, go hiking, read, whatever, just do not play soccer for at least two full weeks after club is over (three or four if you want).

WORLD CUP!!! - This summer World Cup 2018 will be held in Russia, June 14 - July 15. Check the website for cool links, schedules, and related events - there may be prizes!

NOTE:  Off-season workouts and camps are optional.  Attendance at summer workouts and/or camps does not guarantee a spot on the team. Tryouts are required.

UNM Scrimmage Camp (July 7 – 19)

This summer we are again putting a team into the UNM High School Team Camp. It is a series of scrimmages against other high schools on UNM campus. The players will be watched and coached by college coaches. There will also be 3 informational sessions about college soccer (nutrition, fitness, college process). This is an opportunity for our players to play in front of college coaches and receive some high-level training tips. We only have room for about 23 players, so they will be invited by the RRHS coaching staff . Priority will be given to older returning players. The cost per player will be $90. (Checks made out to Rams Club Inc.)

Friendlies: We will have small number of scrimmages against other schools. These games are by Coaches’ invitation and will provide more playing opportunities. Right now we have two scheduled (July 11 and 18), but that could change.

Scrimmage Week at Cleveland HS (July 30 – Aug 3)

These are scrimmages against other schools in the mornings at Cleveland HS.

(The full schedule will be found on

We will use these scrimmages to work out some ideas and lineups for the season.

These are mostly, but not all, Varsity scrimmages! Players for each scrimmage will be invited by the coaching staff. All other players should come watch or train on their own. There will be no regular training this week.

La Liga Soccer Camp (at VVHS Aug. 6-9) : visiting coaches from some of the big clubs in Spain will be conducting a camp at Volcano Vista HS. This is new, but it sounds like a great opportunity. Space is limited. More info soon on

NOTE: ALL games/scrimmages/friendlies (incl. UNM) are by Coaches’ invitation ONLY. The RRHS Coaching staff will invite players to play in each game. Other players are encouraged to attend, but are not guaranteed playing time. Some games are designed for Varsity prospects only; others are specifically designed for other groups (i.e. new players, etc.); and some may be mixed. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



At tryouts, players for the RRHS teams will be selected by the coaching staff based on, but not limited to, the following criteria: FITNESS, SKILLS, SIZE/STRENGTH/SPEED, POSITION, DEDICATION, and ATTITUDE.

NOTE: Players may NOT play on any other teams during the high school season! (NMAA rule)


Upon making a team, each player will purchase at least one Practice Set (shorts, 2 shirts, socks) for around $80. However, if a player makes a team and cannot afford to buy a set, we will make other arrangements.

***Money is not a requirement to play soccer at RRHS***


  • Players and parents may be asked to participate in fundraisers over the summer

  • IMPORTANT: If parents want to do a fundraiser, it must be approved by Coach Shepard and RRHS Athletics

  • Please check the website all summer for fundraising events!


Parents are a vital part of our soccer program.  We want any and all positive participation we can get.

(But remember, by bringing your son to our program, you are trusting our coaches to make soccer decisions involving him.)

PLEASE check this website regularly (and even subscribe to posts on the Announcements page). This is the easiest way to be informed about new events and changes throughout the summer and the fall season!


TRYOUTS!!!: Aug 13-17: (The start of the season is set by the NMAA).

Tryouts are required. You must have all paperwork completed and turned in BEFORE tryouts. (i.e. by Friday, August 10!)

Watch the website for more info.

Show up in good physical condition with Permission to Practice slip; attend ALL sessions of tryouts.

  • Aug. 13 – 17

- Mon – Fri Aug. 13-17, 4:30 – 7:00pm at RRHS Soccer Complex

- Sat Aug. 18, 8:00am - FACILITY CLEAN-UP DAY!!! (Parents and players – not optional)

  • We want to have teams decided (or mostly decided) by Wednesday/Thursday night!

So Thursday and/or Friday evening sessions will hopefully be practice.

School starts Thursday, Aug 9. First Varsity game is Aug 24!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, problems, suggestions, or donations.


Head Coach

John Shepard


Assistant Coach - Varsity
   A. T. Rattanapote
    (505) 660-4912

Assistant Coach 
    Jimmy Wenzel
    (505) 417-2043
Assistant Coach - Head JV
    Dave Hesser
    (404) 313-4425
Assistant Coach - Head C-Team

Assistant Coach -  C-Team
    Eric Diehl
    (505) 480-8808

Where We Practice

Rio Rancho High School

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