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Thanks to our Sponsors
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Welcome from Canterbury

The Canterbury Rural Fire Authorities welcome you to participate in the 2016 Regional Challenge at Castle Hill. In a change from tradition we have moved the dates forward into September to avoid the school holidays.  So please note the following dates in your calendars and start planning now:

Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th September 2016

This year's challenge will once again be a hybrid format involving group and small team activities.  Mastery of core fire-fighting skills will be tested, including supervision and crew management.

 As always, a reasonable level of physical fitness is required, but prudent use of fire-ground units and self-drive capabilities will help ease the effort.  But as with any challenge, the greatest value is achieved through your complete engagement.

 The morning start-up will be very familiar to past challenges, with a set start time from the ICP following each morning’s operational briefing.  But through the day things will change, so be prepared to adjust on the move.  There will be a series of scored tasks to complete during the course of the day, so continue to check the website for helpful hints and training guides as you prepare for September.


The challenge will be held at Castle Hill Village, North Canterbury (on the way to Arthurs Pass) over the three days 22-23-24 September 2016 with a maximum of sixteen (four person) crews participating each day


Due to length of the day's challenge, crews and IMT participants that have long distances to travel are encouraged to spend the night/s at Castle Hill Village. Bunk rooms will be available and there are camping sites at the location (refer registration form). 


Lunches will be supplied for the day of participation with breakfast and dinner available if required on either side of a participation day.

Vehicle Fuel:

For those traveling from afar the last fuel stops will be Arthurs Pass (Challenge closing 5pm) if you are coming from the West Coast or Springfield (Challenge closing 7pm) if you are coming from the East. There is a credit card fuel station at Sheffield a bit before Springfield.

Challenge Rules and Task Instructions:

Please carefully read the information here to ensure you understand the Challenge rules, how to prepare for participation and to gain an idea of what task will be setup.  But note the change of dates means a shorter period of time for registering, so start preparing your team’s now and consider your winter training programme.

Regional CIMS Exercise - Castle Hill 2016, Challenge Entry Rules

Regional CIMS Training Exercise - Castle Hill 2016, Challenge Tasks and Instructions

Reccomended Readings:

Registration: Closed  

Registrations closed on Wednesday 14th September

Crew registration:  

For those participating in a crew. 

Incident Management Team (IMT): 

For those taking positions within Planning Intelligence and Logistics units.

Management, Mentors, Markers, VIPS and Observers:  

In most cases these people will have been appointed and directed to this form to formally register. Positions include those mentoring, event management, IMT managers including Incident controller support roles (overhead team), task markers, VIPs and those wishing to come and check things out

Any enquiries regarding the 2016 Challenge to be directed to 

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